AV over IP for Corporate Presentations


ZeeVee Streamlines Corporate Presentations at Global FTSE-listed Manufacturer

AV over IP through existing network simplifies implementation


The customer, a FTSE-quoted global manufacturing company, sought a one-way video communications network, primarily to eliminate the need for staff attending the quarterly ‘town hall’ presentations by the CEO to gather together in a single location.

The Solution

By using ZeeVee ZyPerHD encoders (transmitters) and decoders (receivers) the sources and endpoints can be connected directly to the network, and as far as the IT team are concerned are simply additional network devices. ZeeVee ZyPerHD encoders and decoders are fully compatible with industry standard switches and network cable. Duratec didn’t have to run any cable at the site. They simply connected each encoder and decoder to a convenient network point.

ZyPerHD encoders and decoders can easily distribute HDCP copy protected 720p or 1080p video from any source to an unlimited number of displays, directly over a standard Ethernet switch without any loss of frames. The network switches at the site have a specification of 1Gbps per port, and are quite comfortably able to handle the 16Mbps data rate required to support each end point. ZeeVee has supplied 25 ZyPerHD decoders and 16 encoders for this project so far.

Results and Benefits

The new installation greatly reduces the company downtime associated with these presentations, but brings other benefits too. Duratec has made eight channels available on each screen, offering Sky News and corporate digital signage content as well as access to live presentations as they happen. Screens can also be set up flexibly to run Skype calls and other facilities. The channel shown on each screen is selected centrally in the management system as required. No custom programming or third party controller is needed to switch sources. Duratec AV has already installed 25 screens at the manufacturer’s UK locations and the deployment could eventually extend to 150 screens worldwide.