Jake’s Hamburgers

Burgers, Beer & Atmosphere

When Dallas fixture Jake’s Hamburgers opened a brand new location, they were looking to serve up great-looking HD sports to their patrons along with their Burger of the Month & much-loved sweet potato fries.

Jake’s Hamburgers has been serving up great food to the Dallas area for over 25 years, so when they opened up a brand new location on Henderson St., they were ready to live up to their “Burgers, Beer & Atmosphere” slogan and really wow their new neighborhood not only with great food, but also with great design, featuring brand new HDTVs perfect for watching the game even when you’re seated out on their beautiful brick patio.

They called upon Ron Stanley and his team at 32 Degree Audio to create the system they’d need to serve up high-quality entertainment to their patrons, and they got right to work. As Ron explains the project, “Jake’s Burgers needed to provide HD Satellite and off the air antenna to 22 TVs in their new restaurant, and they needed an economic way to distribute this content.”

Since the project was for a brand new location, he and his team had a brand new, blank slate to work with and create the 22 HDTV system the restaurant needed. And to deliver the hi-def sports Jake’s Hamburgers knew its patrons were going to be looking for, Ron turned to ZeeVee. “We chose ZeeVee because of the quality and the price,” says Ron.

When the installation was finished, the new restaurant boasted a beautifully integrated 22 HDTV system. The 32 Degree Audio team installed 5 ZvBox 160s supplied by 6 Direct TV receivers, which were modulated to bands higher than ATSC broadcasts for combining ATSC content on the same cable. “This required a band pass filter in the antenna feed, as we found there is non-TV stuff out there that would interfere with the QAM signal,” explains Ron. “The installation went smoothly, with no surprises, and the client loves that we put their logo as a watermark on the video!” What more could you ask for?

“Since this Jake’s opened up, we’ve been pretty frequent visitors, especially since it conveniently opened during postseason baseball/ football season. It’s got a TON of TVs, plenty of patio space, of course great burgers and COLD beer.” – Shanna L.

Jake’s was so pleased with the new set-up that the entire crew received lunch on the house, and judging from the packed dining room on game nights, their customers are pleased, too. Ron had only one bit of advice to offer, “Use quality splitters, combiners, and RF amps, and make sure to terminate your F connectors properly!” If you do, maybe you’ll get free lunch on your next restaurant installation, too.

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