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Italian Cultural Foundation Bridges Antiquity and Innovation with High-Performance Zero Latency AV Solutions


The Fondazione Cariplo is a non-profit foundation that supports social, cultural, political and economic development programs in Italy. It manages assets gathered over 180 years by Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde, a former major bank in the country, to carry on a long-standing philanthropic tradition.

The foundation is headquartered in Milan and housed in a stately neoclassical palace that dates back to the 1830s. It was originally constructed as the residence of Francesco Melzi d’Eril, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Italy under Napoleon. Featuring a grand facade with a pink granite stonework base that was designed by Giacomo Moraglia, as well as a courtyard with a portico with Doric columns and a roof terrace, the structure is recognized as an architectural treasure.

In 2017, it was determined that the foundation needed to renovate the building to better support its communication and workflow needs. This included a major upgrade to the audio and video systems in its board room and Hall of the Central Charity Committee. The administration sought to equip the rooms with the best technologies and solutions from the technical, ergonomic and aesthetic points of view.

The Challenge

As is the case in most modern offices, executives needed to share a great amount of video content throughout the building on monitors mounted on the walls, as well as those embedded in conference systems at each seat, to make presentations and distribute information. In addition, the foundation required a sophisticated level of interactivity to support its simultaneous translation system that serves audiences within and beyond the walls of the facility.


The Solution

To meet these requirements, the administration, after careful research, chose an AVoIP solution for both rooms (and the control room) that delivers full HD / 4K video via ZeeVee ZyPer4K encoders and decoders, as well as the ZyPerMX familyfor streaming to remote locations; for system control, the ZyPer Management Platform was the obvious choice. The ZeeVee system delivers zero latency for audio and video signals, which is imperative for providing real-time translation that does not interrupt the flow of conversation.


Zero-latency was a requirement for this application because of real-time translation services being provided. Our ZyPer4K delivers content end-to-end in less than a single frame of latency, about 100 microseconds, which is indiscernible by the end-user."

Rob Muddiman, EMEA Sales Director, ZeeVee


The administration sought to equip the rooms with the best technologies and solutions from the technical, ergonomic and aesthetic points of view.

Our ZyPer Management Platform provides Fondazione Cariplo with the flexibility to change their configuration at will helping the maximize the use of their AV investment. Control, not program is at the core of our software philosophy, and the ZyPer Management Platform delivers on that promise"

Bob Michaels, CEO, ZeeVee