Newsletter – January 2021

As 2021 rolls in, we at ZeeVee wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year! Last year presented its set of unique challenges, which I certainly don’t need to reiterate here. The turn of a new year is a great time for introspection and an opportunity to strategize for the next one.

Newsletter – December 2020

I read a quote somewhere that said, “I am staying up until midnight this New Year’s Eve—not to see 2021 come, but to see 2020 go.” While this draws a smile or a thoughtful nod from most, it is important to stay positive and remember what is important this holiday season.

Newsletter – November 2020

The ZeeVee team spends a lot of time talking about our AVoIP signal distribution products as the number of sophisticated applications requiring the highest video resolution, interactivity and near zero latency seem to grow exponentially.

Newsletter – October 2020

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2020, we at ZeeVee are eager to provide you with news of enhanced support, training and new product solutions to help us all as we strive for a strong finish to 2020.

Newsletter – September 2020

As summer ends and a very different “vacation season” comes to a close, we at ZeeVee are taking stock of our global business as we strive for a strong finish to 2020. In this month’s letter, I offer you a tale of three continents, with sales perspectives from the U.K and Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Newsletter – July/August 2020

As a manufacturer of pro AV signal distribution products, we obsess over things like video resolution, latency and the latest breakthrough technologies. Our history proves we have been quick to identify the innovations that make our products perform better, smarter, faster and more efficiently than our competitors.