Your Future in AV is IP

The Unstoppable Global Transition to AV over IP and What Integrators Must know

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Your Future in AV is IP

Executive Summary

Failing to offer suitable AV over IP solutions will result in integrators and integration companies marginalizing their businesses to a shrinking segment of the systems market. As explained more deeply in this white paper, competitive pressure will be another factor pushing the market toward AV over IP solutions. Integrators, if they have not done so already, must begin to make the transition, since trends in the workplace and in technology development clearly foreshadow a future for AV systems functioning on IP-based platforms.

This white paper summarizes some of the “macro” marketplace trends that point to AVoIP’s future primacy, review briefly the technology fundamentals that make its appeal strongly compelling and finally discuss the factors integrators would be wise to consider in selecting manufacturers as their preferred solutions providers.