Intelligent AV Distribution

About ZeeVee

ZeeVee is the leading global developer of digital technology and products for distributing audio-video content from any source or multiple sources to any number of displays.  Our products are manufactured in the U.S. and are deployed worldwide throughout the education, government, corporate, healthcare, broadcasting, hospitality, retail, housing, and other industries.

ZeeVee is the only company in the world offering products for distributing AV over RF and AV over IP, including products with simultaneous RF and IP output as well as the AV industry’s most extensive line of IP-based solutions.  Our products enable integrators to tailor end-user solutions to meet demanding specifications and tight budgets, utilize existing infrastructure where desirable and provide cost-effective roadmaps for customers looking to migrate from RF-based systems to fully IP-based networks.

Truly unique among all AV equipment makers, ZeeVee was founded on a principle of using only open-standard digital technologies for AV distribution, since they would offer advantages to both integrators and end-users regarding cost, quality, longevity, reliability, scalability, and upgradability.  As a result, ZeeVee has established itself as a pioneer in technology development and a global leader in real-world deployments of IP-based AV distribution networks.

Signal Intelligence

As a company, our culture, philosophy, and design have always been simplicity. The product itself is smart.

When it comes to AV over IP or bulk video distribution over coax, things get complex rapidly. A poorly designed system can be unmanageable or worse yet, become quickly obsolete. When designing products, ZeeVee engineers focus on a lasting design so that people can use it in almost any AV distribution application — now or in the future.

As just one example, unlike other products on the market, our AV over IP products are designed to save time and eliminate multiple points of failure by having the intelligence to self-discover on the network. Compared to having to program every single endpoint and every single switch point into the process this makes both installation and expansion easier.

However, it’s more than just products. At the core of ZeeVee is a commitment to delivering an intelligent solution for every application. While some companies may suggest products to get you to spend money with them, ZeeVee’s engineers encourage a deep collaboration with our system integrators and customers. By concentrating on design parameters before specifying a product, engineers can be sure the design will fit customer needs.

Founding Member of the SDVoE™

The SDVoE Alliance is a nonprofit consortium of technology providers collaborating to standardize the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, and to create an ecosystem around SDVoE technology allowing software to define AV applications. ZeeVee is proud to be a founding member of the SDVoE Alliance along with Semtech, Aquantia, NETGEAR, Sony, and others. SDVoE Alliance founding members bring different perspectives to the SDVoE initiative spanning the entire ecosystem with expertise in chipsets, networking, and AV distribution.

SDVoE Encoders & Decoders

GPA Technology Partner

The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) was formed to help customers have a single, global, source for all audio, video and unified communications solutions. The GPA offers a combined talent pool of thousands of professionals, following the same protocols and procedures all across the globe. They also have tight alignment and partnerships around the world to deliver consistent, standardized services.

As a technology partner, ZeeVee is actively working with GPA partners to bring high-interest technology solutions to global customers.