ZeeVee's Signal Intelligence

Market-proven Solutions that Simplify AV Distribution

Delivering Video to Over 2,000,000 Screens Worldwide.

AV over IP

Evolved from decades of experience in video encoding and IP networking, ZeeVee enables AV and IT integrators to rapidly deploy AV solutions of unlimited scale, unsurpassed performance, and unrivaled reliability over industry-standard IP networks

AV over RF

For integrators and AV managers with the option to use coaxial cable for AV distribution, ZeeVee’s AV over RF products are the most affordable, reliable and widely-used solution for high quality distribution of multiple HD and SD sources to any number of locations.

AV over RF with IP

ZeeVee is the only manufacturer with solutions for distributing AV simultaneously via RF and IP.  This means integrators and AV managers can continue utilizing existing coax infrastructure while in the process of upgrading to an IP-based network.

ZeeVee’s deep expertise in encoding and decoding video technology delivers unsurpassed picture quality, reliability, and ease of use – suitable for every AV application. 

Things We Are Passionate About

AV Signal Distribution

Deep Expertise in Signal Distribution

We have over ten years (and counting) of experience in designing and manufacturing AV distribution products. We even dream about it when we go to sleep at night.

AV Quality Icon

Fanatical About Quality

Whether it is product design or image quality we are only happy when our products are best-of-breed — and we have some awards to prove it.

AV Distribution Leader

Leader in AV Distribution

We are trailblazers having created a core set of RF products relied upon worldwide, and we were one of the first companies to have an AV over IP solution — years before most of the competition.

AV Signal Management

Not Program

Not a fan of having to learn arcane code to program your AV distribution products? Neither are we. We have built features into our products and management platforms that make them easy to discover, configure, and control.

AV Distribution Networks

Any Resolution Over Any Network

From SD to uncompressed 4k ZeeVee has products that will fit your needs — and we can do it over RF, IP, or both.

AV Screens Icon

Delivering to Over 2 Million Screens

We don't just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. ZeeVee products are used to deliver content to over 2 million screens worldwide — and counting.

Encoders/Decoders Manufactured in the USA

Manufactured in the United States

With a strong focus on quality, it was imperative for us to have our engineering, support, and manufacturing teams accessible to each other. We are proud to be made in the U.S.A.

AV Visionaries Icon

We Take
the Long View

We are solving tomorrow's problem today and helping our customers every step of the way -- we accomplish this by building products that anticipate our customer's needs and help them transition from legacy solutions that will future-proof their investments.

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