AV Distribution for


Create a Flexible and Scalable Video Distribution Solution for Any Housing Environment.

ZeeVee delivers proven, cost-effective solutions for digitally distributing HD and SD video from multiple sources to an unlimited number of displays, over almost any distance. With the capacity to deliver over 100 HD channels, including DIRECTV, Sky, Dish, and cable content in flawless quality over coax or category cable, it’s the most flexible, scalable, and reliable solution for any housing complex.

How Housing Facilities Use ZeeVee

Distribute HD and SD video throughout:

Student Housing

Senior Housing

Military Barracks

Work camps and oil rigs

Apartment buildings


Increase Communication and Safety

Reserve channel for easily customizable communications

Front door cameras

Easily distribute digital signage

Integration with the Emergency Alert System automatically triggers an override on every channel campus wide

Property security monitoring and control centers

Property specific emergency alert capabilities

Why Housing Facilities Choose ZeeVee

Higher education and K-12 all benefit from a cost-effective and easy-to-use AV distribution platform. The use of video in education is critical to help educators engage with students, deliver powerful lessons and meet the high standards of education. Whether an aid for teaching and collaboration, or leveraging to entertain and inform, video will transform the educational experience.

  • Engineered for easy implementation and intuitive use
  • Works with any TV with a QAM or DVB-T/C tuner
  • No set-top-box at the TV
  • Feature rich products
  • Solutions to meet any budget on any network
  • ZeeVee’s open API makes integration with popular control systems quick
  • Standards based solutions, no expensive proprietary switching fabric
  • Scalable – unlimited number of screens
  • Wide variety of solutions to meet every signal distribution need
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty
  • World-class pre and post sales support
  • Compatible with Emergency Alert Systems with local message capability

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