The transition of the AV industry to IP-based solutions is inevitable. This transition provides organizations with the chance to create dramatically new architectures, offering entirely different experiences for their customers. Unfortunately, the adoption of AV over IP has been a slow and grueling process. Too many approaches exist, and the ones that do are confusing customers. That is why ZeeVee is a founding member of the SDVoE alliance.

What is the SDoVE Alliance?

The SDVoE Alliance is a nonprofit organization, comprised of like-minded technology companies, that are collaborating to standardize AV over IP hardware and software platforms, as well as create lasting partnerships, with goals of unifying the AV industry.

By actively participating in industry trade shows and conferences, publishing white papers and case studies, launching the SDVoE Academy and promoting SDVoE solutions, the SDVoE Alliance continues its mission of education and training.

What the Alliance means to ZeeVee

Co-founding the SDVoE Alliance with companies like NETGEAR, Sony, Aquantia, and Semtech mean each company can focus on what they do best, and together provide a solution that is unparalleled in the marketplace. This alliance pushes us all to innovate so that we can meet the needs of the customers with solutions that are easy-to-deploy, incredibly reliable, and future-thinking.

Why was The SDVoE Alliance created:

  • To standardize the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals

  • To create a hardware/software platform that offers personalized applications

  • To enable a more flexible, reliable and cost-effective system architecture

  • To allow high-quality AV and data networks to share one infrastructure

  • To bring ecosystem partners together

  • To drive awareness to new opportunities

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