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Our Core Applications

From the living room to the operating room, ZeeVee offers the most comprehensive AV Video Distribution products to fit any application. Whether its bulk TV distribution to your students across a university campus or providing super low latency video to operating room theaters, ZeeVee has an AV product to fit any possible video distribution need.  ZeeVee's core applications include AV routing and switching, bulk television distribution, digital signage distribution, and user-generated content broadcasts.


AV Routing & Switching: Point-to-Point

ZeeVee AV over IP products are a direct replacement for AV Matrix (HDbaseT) solutions. Leverage IP infrastructure to route AV signals in offices, huddle rooms, conference rooms, or as content contribution (trunking) between locations.


AV Routing & Switching: One-to-Many

Take control of your AV distribution. Efficiently deliver high-quality, low latency, AV to many displays on a floor, between floors, or across the entire organization.


AV Routing & Switching: Many-to-Many

ZeeVee lets you take content from multiple encoders and deliver it to any decoder(s) connected to the same managed Ethernet switch — whether it is next door or 30km away.


AV Routing & Switching: Video Wall

ZeeVee AV over IP products deliver not only flexibility and scalability, but they also allow the creation of video walls without the need for additional processors.


AV Routing & Switching: Multiview

With multiview you are able to split individual screens and display different content within each screen.


Bulk Television Distribution

Create cost-effective, feature-rich, digital television head-ends while leveraging existing or new IP/ RF coaxial infrastructure increase the range and reach of content delivery.


Digital Signage Distribution

ZeeVee allows you to deliver digital signage content more cost-effectively by distributing it over IP as a video stream or over a RF network as a television channel.


User Generated Broadcast

Deliver corporate broadcasts, morning announcements, or other live content over your existing IP/RF infrastructure.

eSports Application


Deliver zero-latency HDR quality video and data with ZeeVee's ZyPer4K KVM enabled encoders and decoders.

Level Up Your AV Distribution

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