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eSports Stadiums

eSports AV Routing: Level Up Your AV Distribution

In the world of eSports, milliseconds matter and there is zero room for latency. ZeeVee's ZyPer4K encoders and decoders are capable of delivering uncompressed 4K HDR video as well as KVM to nearly an unlimited amount of displays making it a perfect fit for massive eSports arenas. Imagine being able to place all of your gaming consoles/computers in a rack in a data center meters away from your players and displays, without compromising their performance.


The ZeeVee Difference

ZeeVee’s AV over IP products can distribute low-latency, high-quality AV signals with increased flexibility, range, and scalability. Our encoders and decoders also have KVM capabilities which give users the ability to plug in a source such as a game console or a PC into an encoder and be able to control that source from the decoder side with USB peripherals including keyboards, mice, and game controllers — with little to no latency.

Recommended Products:

Uncompressed 4K over 10G

ZyPer4K (SDVoE)

Distribute uncompressed, zero latency 1080P, UHD or 4K source to send video, audio, USB, and control signals to your display. Available for both CAT 6 and fiber network cables

Deploy, Configure, and Manage

ZyPer Management Platform

ZeeVee’s acclaimed Zyper Management Platform was designed around a single core concept — configure, not program.

AV Networking

NETGEAR AV over IP Switches

ZeeVee is a strategic partner and an authorized reseller of Netgear’s AV over IP line of switches. The switches come preconfigured for AV distribution allowing AV integrators to focus on installation, not programming the network.

Level Up Your AV Distribution

The Broadest Line of AV over IP Products on the Market

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