AV over IP Management


Deploy, Configure, and Manage AV over IP with Ease.

ZeeVee’s acclaimed ZyPer Management Platform was designed around a single core concept — configure, not program. Balancing performance, core features, and an extended array of functionality, the ZyPer Management Platform enables AV over IP installations to be completed in hours, not days. Available in standard, enterprise, or VMWare configurations.

Autodiscover Encoder and Decoders

Plug all the ZyPer encoders, decoders, and the ZyPer Management Platform (ZMP) into the same network and watch the magic happen. With zero-touch autodiscovery, the ZMP instantly recognizes all ZyPer appliances and makes them available to the MaestroZ user interface — no device configuration or programming required.

Configure & Control Multiple Zones

Easily define and control multiple display zones with the MaestroZ drag-and-drop user interface. This incredibly flexible interface can even accommodate displays that are associated with multiple zones.

Create Video Walls in Minutes

In just a few simple steps, MaestroZ allows users to create video walls. By leveraging the built-in video wall processing available in all ZyPer 4K, UHD, and HD decoders, setting a video wall is fast and intuitive. Don't think it is that easy? Watch the brief demo video below to see for yourself.

Design & Deploy Multiviews

For deployments leveraging the power of the ZyPer4K appliances, MaestroZ will allow to easily create multiviews. Display and control up to nine ZyPer4K sources on a single display.

ZyPer Management Platform Deployment Options

ZyPer Management Platform

Standard Hardware

The ZMP comes pre-installed on a NUC Mini PC that is perfect for most AV over IP installations. This hardware provides everything required to set up and manage a ZyPer AV over IP installation and can support any number of encoders and decoders.

ZyPer Management Platform

Enterprise Hardware

The ZMP Enterprise hardware provides dual-NIC network connectivity providing IT departments the ability to manage the AV over IP deployment from the corporate network while keeping the AV traffic separated.

ZyPer Management Platform

VMWare Image

For customers who want to utilize their own infrastructure, a VMWare image is available to be installed on a virtual machine.

Common Features

  • Preconfigured Linux O/S is maintenance free and includes upgrades and support
  • Plug & Play operation will discover and enable labeling and control of any number of ZyPer4K encoders and decoders
  • ZyPer Management Platform interface allows the independent routing of video, audio and control signals
  • Feature-rich API  for 3rd party control integration
  • Presets enable signal routing and scheduling of saved, pre-defined source-display settings for easy duplication and recall
  • Real-time system monitoring includes generating alerts for offline or disconnected ZyPer4K devices, sources, and displays
  • Auto-detection/discovery of additional encoders and decoders make system scaling a snap
  • Easily create and manage video walls of any pattern or configurations up to a 5x5 array
  • Engineered for easy implementation and intuitive use
  • Built on the principle of configuration not programming
  • ZyPer Management Platform works with ZyPer4K and ZyPerUHD

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