Signal Boost Newsletter: May 2024

Quorum by Convene: The Art of Elevating Special Event Facilities with AVoIP

Grand Hall: sweeping multimedia views for up to 360 persons
Grand Hall: sweeping multimedia views for up to 360 persons

Quorum by Convene is a 40,000-square-foot event facility located in the midtown New York City office space of White & Case, a renowned multi-billion-dollar international law firm. It houses up to 11 distinct meeting, event and common areas in adjustable configurations that are suitable for presentations, collaborative projects and gatherings of from two to 360 people. These spaces include:

  • Grand Hall
  • Grand Gallery
  • Grand Vista Conference Room
  • Crossroads Hub
  • Crossroads Gallery

  • Landmark Hub
  • Landmark Gallery
  • Green Suite Conference Room
  • Green Room


Midsize Quorum meeting room

The law firm sought to create a meeting and events facility that would maintain a vital connection to its global audiences, both onsite and remotely. The state-of-the-art AV system would need to be online at all hours of the day and provide a high-level of performance, reliability and accessibility to enable its staff and clients to share ideas and collaborate effectively.


The resulting $11 million Quorum by Convene AV system was conceived by a team led by John Nunez, White & Case’s senior manager of audio visual services; consultants at TAD Associates; and the integration team at iVCI.

White & Case partnered with Convene, a global hospitality company that designs and operates premium meeting and flexible office spaces that embody the latest AV and IT technology, to manage the rental of the venue’s meeting rooms for outside organizations. Since it opened in January of 2023, the facility has been in high demand for meetings, conferences and special events.

The team selected an AV over IP (AVoIP) solution, driven by ZeeVee ZyPer4K SDVoE encoders and decoders, over a matrix system for the expansive 251-endpoint project. The high-performance signal distribution solution provided the venue with great flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any configuration in each room, the ability to deploy less hardware for the sophisticated presentation of content and a future-proof design that can be expanded without needing to replace expensive gear.

Large divisible meeting room
Large divisible meeting room

A myriad of sources, including laptops and cameras, are connected to monitors via two network hubs with six Netgear 4300-96X 10Gb switches and ZeeVee ZyPer4k encoders and decoders. The ZeeVee components and specialized software distribute uncompressed 4K video content with frame-by-frame image accuracy and near-zero latency. In addition, AVoIP provides a simplified flow of AV content throughout the facility with significantly less points of failure.

The crown jewel of Quorum by Convene is the 3,932-square foot Grand Hall featuring a $4.1 million, 1,280-square foot, 270-degree curved wraparound video wall comprised of 10 UHD DVLED Silicon Core displays positioned eight feet off the ground which adds a high level of drama for meeting attendees.

Video content is fed from Immersive Design Studio’s Canvas real-time interactive media server and a ZeeVee ZyPer4K encoder. It is distributed to and from all other rooms in the venue from a central control room in the Grand Hall via the ZeeVee ZyPer Management Platform (ZMP) working in tandem with a Crestron control system.

The ZyPer4K encoders also provide advanced window processing, or what ZeeVee calls “multiviews,” without the need for dedicated video processors. This enables the Quorum team to create more than 40 multiviews, via a simple drag-and-drop interface, across the expansive surface of the video wall as well as individual monitors located throughout the facility. Multiview was used heavily in its control room where they used eight decoders feeding two massive 8K displays.  Each display took in a multiview for a quarter of the screen, allowing them to display a 4x4 configuration (16 screens) on each quadrant. This resulted in a total of 64 video feeds per display, or the monitoring of 128 video streams in real time with pixel fidelity of 540x960 each.

This is accomplished via software in the ZeeVee encoders – all without additional hardware and saving the firm around $40,000 in each of several meeting areas. (It also resulted in eliminating the need to wait for backordered video processors so the project could be completed months before the projected opening date and begin generating revenue.)

The encoders deliver uncompressed 4K video signals across extensive distances with genlock capabilities that eliminate image jitter, shear and tearing when fast-moving elements pass across the massive LED wall. At the same time, the ZMP ensures the industry’s highest level of network security, which is required by the firm and its clients.

Other highlights of the Grand Hall are six Sony 4K PTZ cameras with 20x zoom that capture presentations and action in the room from multiple angles. A six-piece motorized lighting system can cast illumination, where needed, or produce full-motion multicolored light shows for special events.

Throughout the facility, individual monitors and those configured in 1 x 2 video walls that require custom non-standard EDIDs are supported by ZeeVee ZyPer4K encoders and decoders. Each of the other meeting rooms feature two additional Sony PTZ cameras. Audio routing, switching and digital signal processing support is provided by Q-Sys and Yamaha, which sent a team to sound balance Quorum’s entry atrium. Encoders for laptops and other sources and connection points for microphones are accessible throughout the spaces via floor boxes in each room to support connectivity for virtually any room configuration.

“The Quorum by Convene project illustrates the consultant’s and integrator’s expertise in the latest technologies, including the full potential of our software solution that makes AV over IP easy,” said Joe Chordas, vice president, North American sales and corporate marketing, ZeeVee. “It is a great example of how a comprehensive and high-performing AVoIP system can enhance an ambitious meeting and conference environment allowing it to simultaneously host multiple meetings, presentations and special events.”

The dramatic project was recently featured in the April 15, 2024 issue of Systems Contractor News!

Video Gear In This Project:

  • 10 Silicon Core LED display systems in the Grand Hall

  • Numerous monitors in each of the six meeting spaces

  • 135 ZeeVee ZyPer4K SDVoE encoders

  • 119 ZeeVee ZyPer4K SDVoE decoders

  • 6 Netgear 4300-96X 10Gb switches

  • 20 Sony 4K PTZ cameras

  • 1 Design Studio Canvas media server

  • ZeeVee ZyPer Management Platform (ZMP)

  • Crestron control system

  • Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio 4K


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