Signal Boost Newsletter: July 2024

Teesside University Redefines Teaching and Learning with ZeeVee

Teesside Lounge2

Teesside University, located in Middlesbrough, England, has a proud 90+ year history of providing quality higher education. It became a polytechnic in 1969 and then one of 14 new universities approved by the UK’s Privy Council in 1992.

Campus administrators called upon audio visual integration firm GV to assist in creating a comprehensive AV system solution that would not only provide flexibility for the university’s various needs, but form the central point of its entire operations.

GV, which is part of the NEUPC (North European Universities Purchasing Consortium) framework that covers universities across the UK, had already completed several projects for the university and had won this job via a competitive tender.


The main design focus for Teesside University was to have a completely flexible system where AV content from any classroom could be shared with displays in other parts of the building.

GV was tasked with installing a far-reaching AV system that would include a stunning videowall setup in the atrium, monitors in flexible teaching rooms and in a café area, as well as a ‘digital lounge’ space for comprehensive and intuitive learning and a standalone teaching room for a variety of teaching options.

“Teesside had already looked into the options out there and wanted something from the SDVoE Alliance. A solution was required that was interchangeable, flexible and can go in any direction that they wanted to go,” Michael Atkinson, branch manager, GV.


Stepping on to campus for the first time, visitors find themselves in the university's atrium, greeted by a Panasonic videowall made from TH-55 VF1HW panels. Rather than having one picture spread across the whole display, GV chose a TVOne matrix, which enabled the integrator to create a number of multiviews driven by several ZeeVee ZyPer4K decoders and Onelan signage players.

Clevertouch displays and Panasonic signage displays are dotted around the building along a large videowall that can show content originating from anywhere in the building.

The ZeeVee ZyPer Management Platform sits at the core of the system, holding everything together with a comprehensive network that allows for the distribution of video and audio content across the entire campus with minimal latency.

GV evaluated the SDVoE offerings at the time of installation and chose ZeeVee, largely due to the previous work that the company had done focused on AV distribution.

“They [ZeeVee] had a lot of boxes in the range that could fit with whatever we wanted to do, and they had a dedicated management platform that really appealed to Teesside as it is self-contained in one location and eliminated the need to think about connecting things to the internet,” said Atkinson.

The major AV system upgrade at Teesside University has been very well received by students and visitors to the campus. Most importantly, it has enabled campus administrators to enhance the educational experience of the country’s future leaders in the crucial areas of business and industry, environmental studies, climate change, biosciences and artificial intelligence.

Key System Video Components:

  • ZeeVee ZyPer4K management platform

  • ZeeVee ZyPer4K HDMI 2.0 encoders and decoders

  • Apple iPad

  • Clevertouch LUXHP displays, PC module

  • Extron IPCP Pro processors

  • IPL Pro control processors

  • DTPT MK232 VGA input plate

  • CTL 100 auto input switch and display control,

  • HDMI DA distribution amplifiers

  • NEC P525UL laser projector

  • Onelan 4K digital signage players

  • Panasonic 55-in videowall monitor, TH75-EQ1 4K display screen, TH55-EQ1 4K display screens, TH43-EQ1 signage screens

  • Screen International Si Ellipse electric projection screen


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