ClubCom Simplified Their Music Video and Digital Signage Platform with ZeeVee

ClubCom is a pioneer and leader in constructing and operating private television networks for commercial health clubs. ClubCom provides digital media opportunities for the fitness industry through customized entertainment, education, and club marketing that highlights products, services, and membership campaigns. Fitness centers are able to entertain their members with one of the world’s largest music video libraries, customized specifically for their audience. They can also communicate with their audience instantly through on-screen video, text messaging, internal promotions, and brand message reinforcement.


ClubCom originally had a number of different methods by which they distributed their content within an installed facility. Their standard setup had been to use an analog RF modulator to distribute the signal over coax, but the poor picture quality had them searching for an HD solution. For an HD signal, ClubCom either used individual media player’s installed behind each TV screen, or they installed a traditional CAT5 extension using a media player connected to multiple distribution amplifiers with a receiver at each TV. This network topology simply became too cumbersome and costly for the distribution of digital media within the fitness centers due to high failure rates, large number of screens on individual fitness machines and frequent service calls.

After learning of ZeeVee’s robust, cost-effective and reliable video and digital signage distribution solutions, ClubCom knew they needed to overhaul the distribution platform. They turned to ZeeVee to simplify their solution and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Digital Signage for Clubcom Fitness Center


ZeeVee recommended the ZvPro610 as the appropriate product. The ZvPro610 distributes one channel of digital video in up to 1080i/p resolution, throughout an entire facility over RF, coax cable infrastructure. The ZvPro allows ClubCom to leverage only one media player to distribute content to an unlimited number of TVs across the facility. The ZeeVee solution uses the internal TV tuner, therefore, no additional equipment was required at the displays. With coax already installed at many of their locations, ClubCom simply needed to select an available frequency, which is easy to do, because ZeeVee products are frequency agile and controlled by Maestro, a very powerful, yet intuitive web interface. This technology also allowed the media solutions provider to very easily add and move TV’s around the facility simply by splitting the coax cable near the new location or display.


The ZvPro610 has been installed in over 1,200 fitness facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Because only one unit was required at each location, more than 1,500 points of failure were removed from the network, saving significant money over the total deployment. “ZeeVee products are the most reliable in the industry and the easiest to set up, configure and maintain. Plus we have seen a significant decrease in the number of service calls,” stated Marc Farber, President, ClubCom. ZeeVee also offers the best product warranty in the industry at five years, should there be an issue with a particular unit down the road, giving both the media solutions provider and their customer considerable peace of mind. “Flexibly, scalability, reliability, and ease of deployment and use made the ZvPro610 the ideal product for our digital media solution”, said Farber.

“ ZeeVee products are the most reliable in the industry and the easiest to set up, configure and maintain,” said Marc Farber,President, ClubCom

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