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Case Studies


NJVC: Driven By Your Mission®

A brand-new location deserves a technology overhaul, so that’s just what leading technology services provider NJVC decided to do when it moved from a multi-tenant location in Vienna, Virginia, to a new, single-user location in Chantilly, Virginia, in December of 2012. With 150,000 square feet to work with, NJVC knew it had to “go big or go home,” and they made it happen with an elaborate, yet cost-effective, video broadcasting system utilizing ZeeVee encoder/ modulators.

Why choose ZeeVee?

NJVC wanted its new HDTV system to accomplish several things: it needed to address the company’s need for the centralized management of its satellite TV services, provide a cost-effective way to transmit internal communications, and externally, enable a method for transmitting company-wide events to each and every TV in the building.

In its old facility, NJVC used independent satellite boxes at 20 separate displays. For electronic signage, NJVC had self-developed eSign software and repurposed computers that were connected via VGA ports. Creative and workable when originally deployed, the system outlived its usefulness. NJVC now wanted one integrated system that would provide flexibility, scalability and seamless integration.

Fortunately, ZeeVee was able to help provide a cohesive solution for the new location.

A Blank Canvas

Working with the blank canvas of that huge new facility, NJVC created an elaborate, yet streamlined, HDTV system that met all of its goals. To achieve better visual communication, NJVC’s internal IT team installed an in-house cable TV plant that provided a simple means for scaling out to about 100 HD LCD screens throughout the entire building—all five floors of it. The addition of ZeeVee’s HDbridge 620 and ZvPro280 boxes provided HD 1080i transmission of satellite channels, Blu-ray players, iCompel eSignage, Apple Mac Mini’s, and Cisco/Tandberg video codecs signals to distinct HD QAM channels for any television within the building that had a built-in QAM tuner.

When asked why they decided to go with ZeeVee, Kevin Gustin, NJVC Chief Information Officer, pointed to the fact that ZeeVee’s solutions are cost-effective, powerful, and easy to use. “This installation was highly cost-effective as compared to IPTV solutions, which would have required set-top boxes for each edge device,” he remarked. When all was said and done, NJVC was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for users to select the content they wanted to see on any TV in the building. The company now enjoys a crystal- clear, high-definition TV viewing experience on all five floors, all thanks to ZeeVee.

The only issue NJVC ran into during the installation was high amplification of the signal coming into the TVs—a simple tuning issue involving the distribution amplifiers. The problem was easily remedied, and everything was running smoothly in short order. Said Mr Gustin, “[ZeeVee is] easy to set up and maintain, even for a novice in RF communications.”

Ready to Choose ZeeVee, Too?

As you can see, ZeeVee offers products that are versatile and perfectly suited to a wide range of applications for a bar or restaurant, from digital signage to broadcasting sports events, to VJ-style karaoke. HD video distribution over existing coax is enormously efficient in terms of time and money, and the systems are easy to expand whenever you’re ready to add more HDTVs, all you have to do is connect them to the coax, and to add more sources, all you need to do is hook up another modulator to make another HD channel. With ZeeVee, you can create as simple or as complex a setup as your establishment needs, and accessing those sources will be as easy as just changing the channel.


This installation was highly cost-effective … easy to set up and maintain, even for a novice in RF communications.”

Kevin Gustin, Chief Information Officer, NJVC