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Using ZeeVee to foster Guy’s famous over-the-top atmosphere

From the decor to the menu to the sheer size of the place, Guy Fieri’s latest restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in New York City, is an absolute ode to over the top – and they’ve got an HDTV system to match, thanks to ZeeVee and the integration team at El Media.

An Ode to Over-the-Top

A sprawling 16,000 square foot restaurant located in Times Square, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar has a whopping 500 seats available for hungry diners to get their Guy Fieri food fix, and the space required an HDTV system to match. The restaurant owners’ vision for the system was simple – something that’s easy to use and could run over coax cable – and El Media’s integration team decided to go with ZeeVee equipment to get the job done.

Simply … Sprawling

The restaurant is located in a space formerly occupied by the New York Times, and while it was not a brand new building, El Media’s team was still starting from scratch when it came to setting up the HDTV system. When they were finished, the space boasted 13 screens able to broadcast 16 cable channels, 3 live video feeds, a music video channel, and content from a DVD player. The system uses two fully loaded Hdbridge chassis with sixteen HDb520 modules to broadcast crystal clear 720p content to each of those 13 screens.

For a chef building a brand and an empire chiefly through his work with a high profile television channel like the Food Network, it makes sense to have a restaurant hooked up with great quality HDTV. When asked why they chose to work with ZeeVee equipment, the El Media team pointed to its ease of use and the need to only run one coax cable to each HDTV set in the space, and since Guys’ American Kitchen & Bar was looking for a user-friendly video distribution system, ZeeVee fit the bill. Each of the 13 screens in the restaurant can play the content they program individually or together at the same time, and everything can be controlled by a single remote.

Love, Peace, and Taco Grease

The El Media team also noted that they were pleasantly surprised by how responsive the ZeeVee team was in answering questions and helping resolve issues, and when asked if they faced any challenges, they noted that the system experienced a slight audio delay, but it was easily remedied by adding an external digital delay.

The result? Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar now has a user-friendly 13-screen system spread out over the three-story restaurant, delivering high-quality HDTV content to the adventurous diners taking a trip to Flavor Town. Love, peace, and taco grease! – ZeeVee

Ready to Choose ZeeVee, Too?

As you can see, ZeeVee offers products that are versatile and perfectly suited to a wide range of applications for a bar or restaurant, from digital signage to broadcasting sports events to VJ style karaoke. HD video distribution over exist- ing coax is enormously efficient in terms of time and money, and the systems are easy to expand whenever you’re ready — to add more HDTVs, all you have to do is connect them to the coax, and to add more sources, all you need to do is hook up another modulator to make another HD channel. With ZeeVee, you can create as simple or as complex a set-up as your establishment needs, and accessing those sources will be as easy as just changing the channel.


The rack: 16 HDb520s with HD cable channels, plus 3 live video feeds, a music video channel, and a DVD player.

We were pleasantly surprised by how responsive the ZeeVee team was in answering questions and helping resolve issues, and when asked if we faced any challenges...

El Media Team