User Generated Broadcast

User Generated Broadcast

Deliver Live Content Over IP and RF Networks

Deliver corporate broadcasts, morning announcements, or other live content over your existing IP/RF infrastructure using ZeeVee video streaming and RF modulation products. ZeeVee takes your live content and delivers it over IP/RF to televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

User Generated Content Over IP Networks

User Generated Content Over RF Networks

The ZeeVee Difference

ZeeVee’s video streaming product line distributes the highest image quality across IP networks to televisons and desktops, while enabling secure transmission to Smartphones and tablets, making the most flexible option for distributing interally created live broadcasts.

ZeeVee’s RF product line cost-effectively distributes the highest video quality over new or existing coaxial networks while delivering advanced features like ZvShow, EAS, STB control, and an intuitive management interface.

Recommended Video Streaming Products:

Compressed 1080p over Ethernet


ZyPerMX eliminates the need to have a separate AV network or equipment for video and other AV content.

AV Content Over an Existing IP Network


The ZyPerMX2 can provide unicast, multicast, and HLS tv channel streams that support many different endpoints and network conditions.

Flexible Multi-Channel Encoding


With four encoders in a single appliance, IT/AV managers can deliver more content while utilizing fewer network resources.

Flexible Live AV Playback

ZVMXE+ Set Top Box

The ZvMXE+ is a flexible set-top-box that decodes h.264 video streams distributed over an IP network.

Installation Free Web Player

ZyPerMX Player

From real-time program information to full-screen video player controls, users can easily navigate through channels and watch the content being transmitted from ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 encoders — and the best part is that there is no software to install.

Recommended RF Modulation Products:

Flexible Encoding & RF Modulation

HDBridge 2000 Series

Distribute multiple television channels of video up to 1080p resolution to an unlimited number of displays over almost any distance.

High-Density RF Modulation

HDBridge 3000 Series

The HDbridge3000 is modular with hot-swappable cards, allowing you to mix and match cards with different interfaces and resolution as needed.

Encode & Modulate VGA or HDMI Video

ZvPro Product Line

Encode and modulate up to 2 component or VGA video and analog or digital audio sources into a single RF coax output up to 1080p video resolution.

Flexible Live AV Playback

ZVMXE+ Set Top Box

For displays that do not have a built-in RF tuner the ZvMXE+ is a flexible set-top-box that demodulates digital RF signals distributed over an RF coaxial network and delivers to displays over HDMI.