Newsletter: Tech/Application Focus

November/December, 2023

ZyPer Management Platform 3.x: Beyond Advanced Security

In the last edition of this newsletter, we introduced ZyPer Management Platform 3.x , a robust update to our widely acclaimed management interface for our ZyPer4K and ZyPerUHD60 encoders and decoders. In that piece, we focused on the advanced security features. Here, we will be taking a look at the convenience and compatibility features of ZMP 3.x which will fill out a comprehensive overview of the upgrade package.

Highlights include:

Support for ZyPerUHD60 (2E, 2EA, 2D and 2DA): ZMP 3.x recognizes and supports our latest ZyPerUHD60 encoders and decoder models.

Dante-related Commands: We’ve added commands for Dante functionality into the ZMP 3.x for our ZyPerUHD60-1EA/1DA/2EA/2DA encoders and decoders.

Ability to Flash LED Lights from GUI: When looking at a rack of gear, it is important for integrators to be able to locate the encoder or decoder they are working on. We’ve added a button on the GUI to flash the LED indicator of the correct device. Previously, you could only do this via the web browser interface.

Set Low Power Mode from GUI: You can now activate the low power mode on ZyPer4K and ZyPerUHD60 decoders directly from the GUI when the devices are not generating output.

Added Support for ZyPer 4K 12G SDI Encoder: The ZyPer Management Platform can now recognize and operate ZyPer4K 12G SDI encoders.

Shows Icron USB IP Addresses in Display/Source Grid: The ZyPer Management Platform GUI and source grid now indicate the Icron USB IP address for our ZyPer4K devices.

Set Server IP address from GUI: You are now able to change the IP address of our ZyPer Management Platform directly from the ZyPer Management Platform GUI, rather than having to go into the API. This feature, which adds an extra measure of convenience in the set-up and maintenance of AVoIP systems, has been one of the most asked for by integrators in the field.

Latest Ubuntu version 22.04 on Proserver: The Proserver version of the ZyPer Management Platform is now based on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux (22.04). This latest version of the Linux operating system adds security enhancements, features and protections.

Need a refresher on the robust package of security safeguards also offered by ZMP 3.x? Have a quick look at last month’s Tech/Application Focus article via this link. And, please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us via phone (877-493-3833) or at