Newsletter: Tech/Application Focus

October, 2023

ZyPer Management Plaftorm 3.0 Unveiled

More than ever, network security is front and center for many AV over IP (AVoIP) system applications. We are very pleased to release ZyPer Management Platform 3.0, a major upgrade to our popular AVoIP ZyPer Management Platform (ZMP) that is now the industry’s most secure management interface for a network-based AV system.

Hand-in-hand with enhanced security, ZMP 3.0 offers increased simplicity to setting up and establishing AVoIP system safeguards for networks, accounts and GUI applications. All users will benefit from the upgrade, particularly those operating mission critical systems in the government, enterprise and healthcare sectors.

ZyPer Management Platform 3.0 Infographic

Among the many new security features of the ZMP 3.0 platform are:

  • Network: The platform features a comprehensive set of commands to manage X.509 certificates. This includes full certificate authority for the creation of root certificates (particularly useful for small networks), the signing of server certificates and the loading of root certificates into browsers for secure operation. The addition of TLS to GUI web access encrypts data and prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. It also features SSH command line access and SFTP file transfer capabilities.
  • Account: Full account password security, failure lockout (both short term or until administrator readmits) and a session idle timer protect accounts from getting breached. Simple role functionality assigns each account with specific subsystem access levels and login banners for both web and shell access can also be put in place. In addition, it handles the 2fa handshake and generates a QR image for the token generation app.
  • GUI Application: An intuitive, feature-rich GUI interface enables the easy execution of security tasks. ZeeVee software is assessed against the OWASP Top 10 most common vulnerabilities in web apps. It also deploys transport layer security (TLS) for network configuration and a PHP session ID cookie with 15-minute renewal. There is no access to any security tokens via the application’s JavaScript. Active session management shows all active accounts (web, SSH) including start and last active time, as well as all previous commands issued by all accounts. Forced logout can be activated in any session.

Additional ZMP 3.0 features include:

  • Latest Ubuntu version 22.04 on Proserver
  • Secure device and server updates
  • Support for ZeeVee ZyPerUHD60 Dante versions

Our main goal with the latest ZyPer Management Platform update was to make the set-up and management of IP security as pain-free and intuitive as possible. We’re confident you’ll find that the combination of updated features reflects our constant focus on security focused engineering and puts ZeeVee top of mind when specifying your next AV project!

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