Newsletter Article – Product/Application Focus – April, 2022


ZeeVee Powers Energy-Saving AV Systems

Increasingly, integrators are finding that their clients are interested in energy savings as they plan new AV system projects. This is not surprising with the growing trend towards sustainability across society – let alone the AV industry.

ZeeVee is committed to using the planet’s resources efficiently and minimizing our impact on the environment. By design, our products consume a relatively small amount of energy while providing the highest level of function for the smallest investment in resources.

Two examples of this are our ZyPer4K-XS SDVoE and ZyPerUHD AVoIP encoders and decoders, with operating wattages of 8.2 and 6.0, respectively—two and a half to three times less than same class products from some of our larger competitors. In terms of BTU/h, ZyPer4K-XS (27.96) and ZyPerUHD (20.46) components operate at between three to almost four times the efficiency of similar gear on the market. The energy savings in kilowatt hours over a five-year deployment are similar, based on active usage of 60 hours per week.


Add to this, our ZyPer4K-XS provides installers with the opportunity to offer their customers the ability to create video walls and multiviews WITHOUT additional video processing gear – further increasing the energy savings.

If you are finding energy-efficiency is on the mind of your customers, you will want to give us a call or contact us at to take a closer look at these findings and explore what ZeeVee has to offer.