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ZeeVee in the news!

InAVate Magazine
ZeeVee created European HQ in Germany
March 7, 2022

zeevee expands european headquarters germany

ZeeVee has established a European subsidiary, ZeeVee Europe, with headquarters in Augsburg, Germany.

The new international entity reflects the growing importance of the company’s operations throughout the continent.

“ZeeVee has been supporting European partners for over seven years, via our UK office,” said Rob Muddiman, who heads up EMEAI operations. “With strong growth, the time is right for us to open in central Europe. Our German office and warehouse will help us expand further and offer the support that our clients expect.” Link to the entire story.

Commercial Integrator
The Signs of a Robust 2022 For Commercial AV (written by Bob Michaels)
March 16, 2022

I trust that most in the commercial AV world will agree that 2021 was a year unlike any other in recent memory. We can all rattle off the reasons in our sleep. However, 2021 has become a memory, and the most important thing is to focus on the future. Considering the feedback that we’ve gotten from the field since InfoComm ’21, signs are pointing to stellar growth throughout our industry this year. This would be a well-deserved payout for all the hard work everyone has put in over the recent challenging period. Link to the entire story.

AV Magazine
It Takes Two to Interact 
March 17, 2022

Today’s customer-facing AV system is like a cross between a precocious child and a nervous pet. It likes to know that someone is watching it, and to be patted on the head now and then. In other words, it likes to interact with its audience. This has been possible for years, thanks first to keypads and touch screens, and now to a raft of technologies ranging from mobile phones to gesture and remote sensing. But there is a growing realization that successful interactivity is about more than merely providing a means to control what the system does.

“At the National Museum of the United States Army in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, moveable video displays on tracks are placed in front of exhibit cases,” says Art Weeks, director of product management at ZeeVee. “Visitors can get audio and video information on the items they’re standing in front of by moving the video display to right or left. It’s very different from just walking past a mannequin in a uniform or a rifle on a shelf. Now you actually engage with the AV technology in order to get rich content that brings the exhibit or artefact to life.”  Link to the entire story.