Newsletter Article – AV Pro Tricks – April, 2022


By Melanie Rodrigue, Technical Manager, Support
and Michael Tavares, Technical Support Manager, IP Products

Sometimes You Just Need a Do-Over

An assortment of troubleshooting issues can occur in AV systems, and certain components may become unresponsive. For RF modulators and encoders, such issues can occur after a storm where electricity is interrupted. For IP-based products, glitches may arise from certain current system settings that may have been forgotten.

Sometimes it’s just easier to reset the gear to get back on track. Here is a quick rundown on how to reset our RF and ZyPer AVoIP encoders and decoders that may clear up any issues you are having before you need to call our service team (though we always love to hear from you).

Resetting RF Gear
Our RF products can be reset in our Maestro control interface and via the front panel display. When going through Maestro, go to the “Device” tab, click “Reset” and follow the prompts. Using the front panel display, you would need to follow these steps:

  • Power down the unit.
  • Hold the left and right arrows down and reapply power. You will be prompted with a screen:
    • Press:
      • UP to reset config
      • DOWN to revert FW
      • OK to boot normally
  • Press the up arrow to reset the configuration and the unit will reboot itself.

Resetting ZyPer SDVoE/AVoIP Gear

For ZyPer products, there are different approaches depending upon the hardware device you’re looking to reset.

To reset a ZyPerUHD device, you would disconnect it from the network and delete it from within the ZyPer Management Platform. Next, you would fully power the unit, press and hold reset pin located on the unit for 10 seconds. When done, simply reconnect the device to the network and reconfigure in the ZyPer Management Platform.

To reset a ZyPer 4K device, you can use the ZyPer Management Platform, the API or the hardware pin.

To use the ZyPer Management Platform, follow these steps:

  • click on the source or the display
  • click on “Action” button
  • click the “Factory Default” button

You will then be prompted to confirm the action and click the blue “Factory Defaults” button to proceed. To abandon the reset, click “Cancel.”

To use the API, follow these steps:

  • Log into the API via telnet
  • Run this command: factoryDefaults device <devicename>

To use the hardware pin, follow these steps:
(Note: All ZyPer4K devices have a hardware reset pin. The location of the pin varies between the Standard ZyPer4K and the XS and XR – see below)

  • Remove power from the device.
  • If Ethernet is connected, remove Ethernet cable.
  • Delete the device from the database using GUI or the API (see below for instructions on how to delete a device from the database).
    Important: If the device is not deleted, the settings from the database will be reapplied when the unit is discovered by the MP limiting the reset to defaults.
  • Insert pin in the above-described pinhole and reapply power while holding the pin in.
  • Hold the pin in for about 15 seconds then the unit will reset itself to factory defaults.
  • Reconnect the Ethernet connection to the device.

Locating the hardware pin on ZyPer Products:

  • Standard ZyPer4K – Look for a pinhole with no notation or label on the back side of the unit. This is the side with the RS232, IR and analog audio ports, and optional USB connector, opposite side of the HDMI connection.
  • ZyPer4K-XS – The pinhole is located on the side of the unit with the regulatory markings.
  • ZyPer4K-XR – The pinhole is located on the side of the unit with the Stage-Clamp Mount Point.

How to delete a device:

  • In the web GUI, click on the source or the display.
  • Click “Actions,” then the “Delete” button.
  • Confirm the action by clicking the blue “Delete” button to proceed or the “Cancel” button to abandon the action.
  • In the API - Log into the API via telnet, run the command:
    delete device <devicename>

We hope this is helpful. Of course, we are at the ready to assist you in this or any other issues or questions you have about our SDVoE and RF products. Just go to our support page ( or ring us at (877) 4ZEEVEE.