AV Distribution in Education

Collaborate. Educate. Entertain.

The presence of video in education is more visible than ever before and growing. ZeeVee is committed to enhancing the learning experience through improved teaching flexibility, collaboration, communication, safety, and entertainment. ZeeVee's AV over IP products allow educational institutions the ability to leverage the power of video immediately.

Enhance Learning and Collaboration

AV creates enhanced levels of engagement with students allowing them to learn and create with technology that is already commonplace in their daily lives. ZeeVee's AV over IP products enable institutions with a wide range of applications for integrating AV routing and switching into their learning environments.


Featured Case Study

Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) Harnesses AV over IP to Transform Teaching Experience

With 40,000 students, the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) is Norway’s largest university and its premier institution for educating engineers. As an institution, it practices what it preaches. It not only teaches technology but also uses it dynamically and creatively in its teaching environment. It saw the opening of a new building as a great opportunity to rethink the teaching experience.

Increase Communication and Safety

Schools strive to create a secure and inclusive environment. The cornerstone of this strategy is the ability to communicate effectively with its staff and student body. ZeeVee enables a wide range of applications that will help everyone stay informed and safe.

Distribute Television Programming

Delivering television programming to classrooms, public spaces, dorms, and recreational facilities is a requirement for any educational institutions. Leverage existing coax infrastructure for cost-effective TV distribution or the ability to leverage new installation with IP infrastructure.

Featured Case Study

A Lesson in Cost-effective HD Video Distribution. HD modulators deliver high-def content over existing coax cables for the University of Kansas’ sports complex.

The University of Kansas has more than 600 television displays throughout its athletic facilities on campus, including the Memorial Stadium for Jayhawks football, the Anderson Family Football Complex, and the Allen Fieldhouse. From 2006 to 2008, the athletic department had been doing large ongoing renovations that included installing flat-panel displays next to the concession stands and displays in the reception halls for team dinners.

Why Educational Institutions Choose ZeeVee

Educational institutions of all sizes benefit from a cost-effective and easy-to-use AV distribution platform. The use of video in education is critical to help educators engage with students, deliver powerful lessons, and meet the high standards of education. Whether an aid for teaching and collaboration or leveraging to entertain and inform, video will transform the educational experience.

  • Feature-rich products for any AV distribution application
  • Engineered for easy implementation
  • Cost-effective and intuitive to use
  • Easy integration with popular control systems
  • Backed by an industry-leading warranty
  • World-class pre and post-sales support
  • Compatible with Emergency Alert Systems
  • Standards-based solutions
  • Scalable – unlimited number of screens

Explore ZeeVee Powered Applications


AV Routing & Switching: Point-to-Point


AV Routing & Switching: One-to-Many


AV Routing & Switching: Many-to-Many

Take content from multiple encoders and deliver it to any decoder(s) connected to the same managed Ethernet switch.


AV Routing & Switching: Video Wall


AV Routing & Switching: Multiview


Bulk Television Distribution


Digital Signage Distribution

ZeeVee allows you to deliver digital signage content more cost-effectively by distributing it over IP as a video stream or over a RF network as a television channel.


User Generated Broadcast

eSports Application


Level Up Your AV Distribution

The Broadest Line of AV over IP Products on the Market

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