Day 2: Where to Find ZeeVee at ISE 2019: The Winner’s Circle

ISE 2019 Day Two has come to a close. It was quite an exciting day for ZeeVee as we were riding high off the wins of the previous evening. We took home an InAVate award as well as assisted in another award win. We also had a great turn out for our AV over IP Speed contest.

Our Prize Fighter: The ZyPer MX4

Our Quad-Channel H.264 encoder, the ZyPerMX4 has taken home its second award. This time it is an InAVation Signal Distribution award. Deliver up to 4 channels of 1080P video to a variety of devices on a standard Ethernet network with this compact encoder.

Snelling Business: Best Healthcare Installation

One of ZeeVee’s integrators, Snelling Business took home Best Healthcare AV Project last night for their Quadram Institute installation.  This installation had our ZyPer4K  products driving their 10GB 4K AVoIP Endoscopy site. Congrats guys!


Your Chance to Win: The AV over IP Challenge

Come one come all to Booth 10-S130 for the AV over IP challenge! We had a mad rush today from participants competing to win a chance to win a trip to PalmerSport race track where they could be behind the wheel of the world’s fastest cars. The premise of the challenge is simple. See how fast you could put together an AV Distribution deployment using our encoders, decoders, displays, and a NETGEAR switch. There is still a chance to participate. Please stop by our booth before the show ends!

Day Two was action-packed and full of wins. There is only one more full day left of the show. We hope to see you before then!