Why AVIXA Matters!

What is AVIXA?

The team at ZeeVee recognizes that technological innovations within the AV industry have grown exponentially during the past several years, infiltrating nearly every facet of personal and professional life. AV experts continue to rely on AVIXA™ (the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association) and InfoComm, their annual event, remain the keynote gathering for tens of thousands of AV professionals and aficionados.

Though the name has changed, its dedication to the AV industry has not. AVIXA™ (formerly InfoComm) continues to be the center for bringing together industry leaders, technological innovators, manufacturers, and clients. This willingness to adapt keeps AVIXA™ at the center of an ever-changing AV landscape and why year after year, ZeeVee continues to sponsor the organization and participate in their InfoComm events.



InfoComm has been the leading event for AV professionals the world over for years, and AVIXA™ is the association that promotes latest technologies, innovations, and products that make a significant difference in almost every aspect of life. With over 5,400 members ranging from programmers to consultants, dealers to distributors, manufacturers to multimedia professionals, and more, encompassing over 80 countries, AVIXA™ is the quintessential hub that provides AV experts an opportunity to connect, integrate, and deliver exceptional services to a wide range of clients.

Come See Us at InfoComm

The Future of AV

Human-centered user interfaces are increasing in their reach, capacity, and potential and at the heart of it all sits the AV industry. InfoComm brings together the leading experts who share their designs, new creations, and even instructs attendees on the latest innovations and how they can be best utilized in a business and consumer-oriented design.

Companies around the world are turning to AV technologies as a way to reach a broader audience, capitalizing on immersive experiences that rely on augmented reality (AR) as well as virtual reality (VR). As wearable technology not only becomes more advanced but also more affordable, it is opening up new avenues for connectivity on the technological stage as well as the emotional one.

Even commerce is being bridged with creativity as a means to develop more personalized connections and experiences with consumers, relying on audio and visual components that engage consumers at a more intimate and personal level.

With the explosion of AV potential throughout a broadening range of disciplines and industries, the importance and value of both AVIXA™ and its flagship event InfoComm have also expanded. Any AV industry professional, manufacturer, or company that seeks to make the most profound impact on their customer base should be part of this annual event.

We are looking forward to seeing our industry partners, customers, and friends in Las Vegas in just a few short days.