Things to Consider When Transporting AV over IP

By Matt Pruznick

While the days of black boxes as the centerpiece of AV systems dwindle, transporting all manner of signals over networks is quickly becoming the norm. Although presenting an immeasurable boost in flexibility and scalability, the practice of sending video over IP can also make matters complicated. Perhaps the most complicated element is selecting the transport method.

Healthcare Facilities

Image quality, bandwidth, and latency are all important factors and play a key role in various healthcare applications both inside and outside the OR, from consultation to diagnosis, through to surgery and aftercare.

Image quality is a very important criteria. The video/image transport method needs to be able to deliver the highest quality (4K when feasible), raw/uncompressed images to ensure zero image compression artifacts. Precise patient diagnosis requires exceedingly accurate video representation, which cannot always be achieved with compressed video products. Because uncompressed files are larger, adequate increased bandwidth is required to carry uncompressed signals over a network.

Latency is also extremely important in a surgical environment where critical decisions need to be made immediately. High-quality video needs to be displayed to all medical personal involved in caring for the patient as instantaneously as possible so the best care can be rendered.

ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K video and signal distribution solution delivers up to 4K uncompressed images over a 10Gb network with zero latency, making it an ideal solution for any healthcare related application to ensure operational proficiency, collaboration, and surgical precision.
—Chris Scurto, vice president, sales and marketing, ZeeVee 

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