Download ZyPerMX Firmware Here

Release Notes: Fix added to support updated browsers (Firefox and Chrome).  Recent updates made to some browsers caused an error about HTML 5 to display when connecting to Maestro.  You may need to install an older version of a browser (see list below) to connect to Maestro to install this firmware update. 

Supported browsers for ZyPerMX firmware version 4.0.10:
Chrome 69 (available from this third party link site: https://filehippo.com/download_google_chrome/87412/)
Firefox 61 (available here: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/61.0/)
Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge
Windows 7 – Microsoft Internet Explorer
MacOS – Safari 12

Download ZyPerMX Firmware Here

Release Notes: Added Burst Limiting control to AV Encode tab. This control will limit the actual bandwidth to 125% of defined output rate. Please note that enabling this setting will slightly increase encoding latency.

Release Notes: Fix for intermittent issue with Maestro becoming unresponsive and requiring reboot of hardware.  Updates to Maestro interface including notification via a green dot if custom Idle or Icon file is uploaded.


Installing the new firmware:

1. Download the firmware to the desired location on your computer.

2. Login to the Maestro web interface.

3. Click the Device tab.

4. Click the Update button, under firmware.

5. Follow the prompts to browse to and select the file you just downloaded.

6. Click apply.  The unit will reboot at the end of the firmware update and Maestro will refresh to the Log in screen.


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