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Version 2.5.2 of the ZyPer Management Platform is a major release with significant changes to the operating environment. Please review the ZyPer Management Platform Release Notes document before proceeding with the update.

ZyPer Management Platform:

  • VMWare ESXi appliance on Ubuntu v14.04.2
  • VMWare ESXi appliance on Ubuntu v16.04
  • ProServer on Ubuntu v16.0.4
  • Gigabyte NUC (Generation 1 Rev A) on Ubuntu v14.04.2
  • Intel NUC (Generation 2 Rev C and Generation 3 Rev D) on Ubuntu v16.0.4
  • Simply NUC (Rev E) on Ubuntu v20.04

ZyPer Management Platform GUI web interface

  • Google Chrome

Encoders and decoders

  • ZyPer4K HDMI 2.0 encoders and decoders
  • ZyPerXR HDMI 2.0 encoders and decoders
  • ZyPerXS HDMI 2.0 encoders and decoders
  • ZyPerXS Wall Plates HDMI 2.0 encoders and decoders
  • ZyPer4K Netgear Module encoders
  • ZyPerUHD encoders and decoders
  • ZyPerUHD wall plate encoders
  • ZyPerUHD Dante encoders

Please note For ZMP versions before 2.5 please read the following: For second-generation UHD devices, use the firmware update file with the ".bin2" file extension. First-generation and second By un-joining generation hardware can be determined by the device MAC address.

  • For MAC addresses that begin with: 34:1b:22 - use the file extension .bin
  • For MAC addresses that begin with: 6c:df:fb - use the file extension .bin2

In addition, the “ZyPerUHD Dante encoders” will still use the first-generation firmware updates.

Summary Notes:

MP Server

  • Support for ZyPerXS wall plates
  • Enhanced CEC support for ZyPer XS and 4K Encoders

End point Devices

  • New ZyPerXS Wall Plate Support
  • New ZyPerXS/XR/WP Firmware

Bug Fixes in this release

  • Resolved multiple issues in this version see section 3 “Issues resolved”


  • When upgrading from versions prior to 2.0, please review the ZyPer Management Platform Release Notes, “8. Upgrading and downgrading” for more details.
  • Downgrading from any version of 1.7.x to either 1.5.2 and 1.6, MaestroZ will not be able to add zones.
  • Installing software older than 1.7.4 on the New Intel NUC hardware is not recommended. Please see section “8. Upgrading and downgrading” of the accompanying Release Notes for more information.
  • Once the restricted shell access is implemented, it is permanently in place. Downgrading will not undo the shell lockout.


Installing the new server software:

If updating from version 1.5.2 or greater, follow this process.

1. Use the link provide by ZeeVee support to download the latest software. Make note of the location where the software was downloaded.

2. In ZyPer Management Platform, enable the Server panel from the Panel Selection menu.

3. Drag the ZyPer update file and drop it in the box that reads “drop file here“.

4. The ZyPer update file name will appear below the words “Selected file“.

5. Click the “Update Server“ button.

6. A confirmation box will appear. Click “Update“ to proceed and “Cancel“ to abandon the update.

7. Once Update is selected, the confirmation box will disappear, and the ZyPer Management Platform will reboot.

8. It may be required to close the browser and log back in for any new features to appear.

If updating from version 1.0 - 1.4, follow this process.

1. Download the latest software from the ZeeVee website. Make note of the location of where the software was downloaded.

2. Open Windows Explorer and enter the IP address of the Management Platform using FTP.

3. The files folder will be displayed.

4. Drag and drop the software file into the /files folder.

5. Use the Telnet protocol to access the Management Platform API.

6. Use the “update” command to update the Management Platform. Once entered the Management Platform will reboot and the software will be updated. Note that the connection will be lost temporarily during the update process.


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