Older Releases

  • Supported platforms: all -NA and -EU ZvPro Family products
  • Adds the ability to invert the front panel display for ease of use in wall mounted applications
  • Supported platforms: all -NA and -EU ZvPro Family products
  • Improvements:
    • Image quality for PAL resolutions
    • Improvements to HDMI link detection at startup
  • Supported platforms: all -NA and -EU ZvPro Family products
  • Improvements:
    • Lip sync resolution
    • DVB-T signal quality improvements
    • Updated idle and test images for EU
  • DVB-T tuning enhancements for ZvPro 820, 810, 620, 610 HD Modulators
  • Correction for lip sync accrual
  • Adjustment to v1.8.1, improving stability of all ZvPro and HDbridge 2000 Series Modulators
  • All ZvPro 600 and 800 Series Modulators: Significant improvement to video quality through a unique implementation of mpeg-2 bidirectional -predictive frames (b-frames) and much better motion tracking.  The efficient implementation of b-frames still gets the benefits of reduced cumulative error (i.e. reduced video smudging) and smaller frame sizes. Smaller b-frames allow  the more important intra and  predicted frames to be larger, also improving the video. Finally, efficient b-frame encoding allows more time to track motion, allowing for another significant improvement in video quality
  • ZvPro 600 and 800 Series -EU modulators; includes DVB-T support
  • ZvPro 810, 820 initial production release
  • New functionality:
    • ZvPro models 610 and 620 now support channel and RF power configuration via front-panel display
    • Delay Matched Audio output enabled for ZvPro 600 series
    • Custom idle screen can be applied per unit to replace ZeeVee logo
  • Updates & fixes:
    • Improved video quality
    • Improved audio sync (lip sync)
  • ZvPro 610 initial production release
  • ZvPro 620 initial production release


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