Download STBi3 Firmware Here

Supported Platform: STBi3

New Features:

    • RF channel remap feature
      • New menu item added to the On Screen User Interface ‘RF Channels Remap’
        • Can upload a .json formatted file via USB or webserver.
        • New Web Management commands
        • New ability to use a curl command to upload a local RF Channels Remap file and IP Channel file without the need of a webserver
    • New Help command to return a listing of the Web Management commands.
    • New web management commands
        • http://:8080/help Brings up a list of Web Management Commands
        • http://:8080/RFRemap=http://[ip-of-file-server]/[rf-reamp.json] Uploads the RF channel number remap file from a local webserver
        • curl -H ‘Expect: 100-continue’ -X POST --data-binary @/rfremap.json http://:8080/rfremap Uploads the RF channel number remap file from a local filesystem>
        • curl -H ‘Expect: 100-continue’ -X POST --data-binary @/ http://:8080/loadchannels Uploads the IP Channel List file from a local filesystem
        • http://:8080/eraseRFRemap Erases the RF channel number remap file and reboots the STBi3
        • http://:8080/doRFScan Initiate a QAM Cable RF channel scan
    • Update for CEC power off on some Samsung TVs
    • ADB disabled to limit error messages
    • Text changed from “No Signal” to “Channel Not Available”

Supported Platform: STBi3

New Features:

    • Synced Video Playback
    • MJPG playing ability from ZyperMX4/2 and 3KHVM4I/3KHXM4I
    • WiFi enabled for web management and Unicast streams. (MJPG)
    • New web management commands
      • channelup/channeldown
      • erasechannels
      • firmwareUpdate= http://<webServerAddr>/<path to apk file>
      • loadchannels= http://<webServerAddr>/<path to xml file>
      • mute/unmute
      • reboot

Installing the new firmware:

1. Download the firmware to a USB drive.

2. Insert USB drive into slot in the STBi3.

3. Press the Menu button on the remote.

4. Navigate to gear icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the page and click OK on the remote.

5. Scroll down to UPDATE SYSTEM.

6. Select LOCAL UPDATE and press OK on the remote.

7. Select the update file from the list and press OK on the remote.

8. The STBi3 will restart once the update is completed.

Alternate option - With firmware 3.0.3, the update can also be started remotely with the command string "http://ip_address:8080/firmwareUpdate=zvserver". 


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