Firmware Updates



Firmware Updates



HDbridge 420, 520 and 620

  • Resolved issue setting channels when upgrading from firmware v3.6
  • Enhancements for 1080p - improves performance with both VGA and component sources. Since this is not a widely available analog format, there may be sources (especially HDMI converters) that have odd or unstable timings that we do not lock onto properly. We will do our best to work with customers on a case by case basis if needed.
  • Expanded RF output configuration – Previously the RF output was limited to increments of 5 (e.g. 5, 10, 15...). We have increased the granularity so RF power can be set to any value between 5 and 25
  • Stability fixes – General fixes to limit restarts and improve performance of all products
  • Front button lockout - channel setting front-panel button defaults to locked after 30 seconds on HDbridge™ modules
  • Resolved issue with setting to QAM64
  • Linking RF and HDTV channel - Webmanager on HDbridge™ modules links RF channel and HDTV channel
  • Watermark image defaulted to off on HDbridge™ units
  • HDbridge initial production release

Installing the new firmware:

Updating your firmware is a three-step process:

1. Find and download the correct image file to your computer.

Please note: if you have internet access while connected to the units, these links will be directly available in Webmanager.

2. From the WebManager Firmware Update tab, browse to and select the file you just downloaded.

3. Upload and install the new firmware image.

Release 3_9_2 is the latest firmware

Download HDb620 3_9_2 Firmware

Download HDb520 3_9_2 Firmware

Download HDb420 3_9_2 Firmware


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