Newsletter: Viewpoint

July/August, 2023

A View from Abroad

By Rob Muddiman, VP, EMEAI, ZeeVee

In this month’s issue, we hear from our VP, EMEAI Rob Muddiman who shares his perspective on today’s European, Middle Eastern and Indian pro AV markets.

The pro AV market in Europe is currently very buoyant and strong, partly driven by an element of catching up from COVID, with a trend towards larger infrastructure projects, as well as a significant demand for hybrid meeting places. We’re really only seeing upside right now.

The Middle East continues to be very receptive to AVoIP, primarily for larger, higher-end projects, where our efforts to educate consultants and end-users that our technology is solid and provides the most cost-effective and flexible approach, have proven successful. As a result, companies such as Saudi Aramco are standardizing on our AVoIP technology.

While India is maybe 18 months behind Europe, it’s an exciting region for us with more and more global companies opening offices. With that comes the roll out of their global AV projects, which we support via our local office in Bengaluru (Bangalore).

Top Vertical Markets for AVoIP

The corporate market is growing—with event space applications leading that demand. Here, flexible and configurable spaces are a must. The ability to just plug your devices into network ports wherever they might be throughout a facility – and be up and running in seconds – is becoming the baseline expectation.

LED video wall technology is often a key element of these spaces. This is where our ZyPer4K solution offers huge benefits. Its advanced video processing allows the required canvasing and multiviews for bespoke LED resolutions without the need for external processors. This not only saves money for the integrator but simplifies designs and expedites the completion of projects.

Other vertical markets for AVoIP include:

  • Command and control centers which benefit from the technology’s flexibility and simplicity. We hear repeatedly from integrators how they replaced an old matrix switch and proprietary video processor systems that were unreliable and overly complicated with our ZyPer AVoIP solutions. In each case, the customers have been delighted and haven’t looked back.
  • Education, particularly universities, is amenable to AVoIP where monitoring and managing devices over the network is critical. One client has 400+ rooms on campus and just two technicians to support them. That would be almost impossible without our AVoIP technology.
  • Medical, especially in operating rooms, where image integrity and zero latency is absolutely critical as is the requirement to share images in real time with external medical consultants who may not be in the same room.

While Supply Chain Issues Persist, ZeeVee Has AVoIP Gear in Stock

The impact of supply chain issues remains sizable. However, unlike some of our competitors that are still struggling, our production planning and choice of components early in the pandemic allowed us to stay ahead of demand. This has also helped us gain many “flips,” where integrators who started with plans to use competitive products came to us after their customers were unwilling to wait for delayed gear that put their project completion dates behind schedule.

The majority of these integrators, after experiencing the ease of installation and performance of our ZyPer AVoIP and ZyPer Management Platform solutions, have stayed with us for subsequent projects.

Where Does the Pro AV Industry Stand Now that COVID-19 Has Receded?

While the pro AV industry in these regions is largely back to normal, we are seeing it is a little more difficult to have face-to-face meetings. The result of companies giving staff permission to work from home is that many on-site meetings are going hybrid!

Well, that’s the view from where I sit. I look forward to any thoughts you may have on these subjects when we speak in-person (or drop me an e-mail).


Rob Muddiman