Newsletter: Tech/Application Focus

September, 2023

ZyPer4K’s Superpowers for Delivering SDVoE Content to Large Displays

By Tony Torres, Technical Support Engineer III

The size and scope of video presentations, delivered from single monitors, video walls or projectors, is getting bigger all the time in office buildings, retail stores, casinos, museums, stadiums and other venues. The AV systems that generate these advanced visuals represent substantial investments on the part of end-users and require elevated expertise from the integrators that design and install them.

In the end, not all AV systems are created equal. Considering how much money, time and effort goes into creating “state-of-the-art" AV projects, it is heartbreaking to see shearing and tearing and jitter when fast-moving elements pass across an LED wall or projected image.

A common issue is that end-users choose to spend all their money on the display technology, but they fail to acquire the proper gear required to deliver the signal from its source. For example, if choosing to use an incrementally less expensive 1Gb video over IP solution, their large-scale video projects suffer from the effects of video signal compression. It’s just math—something has to give when you take a 16Gb signal and squeeze it onto a 1Gb link. This includes the inability to deliver smooth color gradients for moving images without distracting artifacts.

Separately, large venues, or instances where video is being displayed outdoors, may require video extension of hundreds to thousands of feet from the source’s encoder to decoder connected to the intended monitors, video walls or projectors—which can lead to synching issues that make images come apart.

Broken Treaties exhibit video wall at the Tennessee State Museum

Since 2016, ZeeVee has been the industry leader in combatting these issues with its ZyPer4K AVoIP encoders and decoders with generator locking or “genlock’ capabilities. Genlock enables reliable video extensions. It enables the video output of one source to synchronize with another—which is crucial for applications where multiple individual monitors or LED panels are joined together to display images from a single source.

By genlocking our ZyPer4K encoders and decoders on a 10Gb network, you do not get the detrimental compression effects on the smoothest color gradient of 4K content. In addition, fast-moving on-screen visual elements will appear with no tearing. This is the ZyPer4K superpower that led my former firm, Design & Production, to use ZyPer4K in every museum project possible for the most sophisticated large-scale presentations of video content.

Are you designing and installing these kinds of projects? Do you have questions about how to deliver the performance and reliability your customers expect? Reach out to me and the ZeeVee support team at (877) 493-3833 or and we’ll walk you through what you need to know to successfully complete the job.