Newsletter: SDVoE Founder’s Notes

December, 2022

SDVoE Rolls Out Certified Design House Program

The SDVoE Alliance has rolled out its latest initiative, the Certified Design House program, to increase knowledge, promote best practices and recognize individual AV firms’ thought leadership and capabilities in this technology. For those not familiar, SDVoE is a dedicated group of pro AV manufacturers, system designers, integrators and technology managers working together to accelerate the replacement of point-to-point connectivity and the matrix switch with Ethernet-based AV distribution. ZeeVee is a founding member of the organization.

According to Charles Dobson, SDVoE Alliance’s director of development, SDVoE Certified Design House works hand-in-hand with — and builds on the success of — the SDVoE Certified Design Partner program for system integrators, AV architects and consultants. SDVoE Certified Design Partner program provides industry professionals with easy access to tools enabling them to better understand the building blocks needed to design a successful SDVoE solution. It has eight course modules—offered on demand and eligible for AVIXA CTS credits— that cover topics ranging from network topologies to SDVoE video modes and the mysteries of multicasting. Those passing a quiz at the end of the curriculum quality as SDVoE Certified Design Partners.

The SDVoE Certified Design House program extends the SDVoE Certified Design Partner program to the next level, offering companies an opportunity to show market leadership and highlight the expertise of their organizations. System integrators, AV architects and consulting firms wishing to achieve SDVoE Certified Design House status must simply be able to count at least one quarter of their design staff as Certified Design Partners. If requested, the SDVoE Alliance will report to firms on a weekly basis the progress their design staff is making toward achieving SDVoE Certified Design House status.

ZeeVee wholeheartedly encourages our partners to participate in these valuable business-building programs. More information on becoming a SDVoE Certified Design Partner or SDVoE Certified Design House can be obtained below: