Newsletter: SDVoE Founder’s Notes

September, 2023

ZeeVee Helps SDVoE Alliance Illustrate Wide Range of Use Cases

Justin Kennington-President of The SDVoE Alliance

As not only a founding member of the SDVoE Alliance, but the most experienced, deployed and advanced manufacturer of SDVoE products, we like to take the opportunity to present news items, updates and features of interest on this important AV technology.

In this month’s column, we invite you to view an InfoComm 2023 presentation by Justin Kennington, president, SDVoE Alliance. In it, he provides an overview of the SDVoE Alliance, members, benefits and some of the latest applications of SDVoE technology. He also highlights the flexibility of the software API, discusses how SDVoE is sustainable and the fact that SDVoE products from more than 60 manufacturers are readily available!

Here's the link. Enjoy! SDVoE in The Real World - YouTube