Newsletter: Pro AV Tricks

November/December, 2023

Our Latest Troubleshooting Quick Fixes

By Jay Bolster, Global Support Manager, ZeeVee

Once again, we check in with Jay Bolster, ZeeVee’s global support manager, who shares his technical expertise to help resolve troubleshooting issues that may be delaying the completion and/or hindering the operation of newly deployed AV systems. Here are some of Jay’s notes regarding common questions and issues he and his team have been hearing on the ZeeVee support line.

Jay Bolster

Having trouble maintaining consistent audio levels with Dante?

We’re seeing a lot more of our users deploying our gear with Dante support, which is certainly the premier audio solution for concerts and music venues. Several of our ZyPer4K and all of our ZyPerUHD60 endpoints feature native interoperability with this technology, which has proven to be a great benefit to our customers.

A customer recently called in to say that he was having trouble maintaining a consistent audio level in the AV system he was working on. Instead of using the network to implement Dante which is more typical, he devised a set-up that used physical adapters to create a connection from the decoder to a device that converted signals to Dante. As a result, they were having a problem where the audio level dropped dramatically.

After a little troubleshooting and viewing a picture of the system he submitted, we came up with the solution. We saw that they used the “mic-in” port for the connection. This drops the audio level by roughly 20 dB. To avoid this drop off in audio, you need to use line level converters and not mic level converters.

Using a NUC computer to operate the ZyPer Management Platform?

As most of you know, our ZyPer Management Platform (ZMP) makes the deployment, operation and maintenance of ZyPer4K and ZyPerUHD60-driven AV systems easy and intuitive. Integrators can choose to implement the ZMP in a format that best suits their customers’ needs, including a rack-mounted pro server, virtual server or NUC computer. Once it is installed, it works with most third-party control systems, including those from Crestron, Extron, Control4 and Q-SYS.

Our most recent ZMP software upgrade, (3.x ), offers many new functionality and security features. For those using the NUC computer version, make sure you download the latest firmware version which guards against performance issues that could occur if the power goes out while it is booting. It also makes sure you get the full performance and benefit of the latest features. You can download the firmware at this link. As always, please contact support if you have questions.

ZMP gives you a clearer view of the source video when you are switching.

When switching video from our ZyPer4K or ZyPerUHD60 encoders and decoders via a third-party control system, you can now get a JPEG image of the source content in virtual real time. So, instead of just seeing “ZV one” or “cable box one,” you can see the actual content coming in through that source  – enabling a new level of customization and control. You can now add this functionality via the ZyPer Management Platform!

Are you hitting a wall in deploying a project? Do you have questions about how to deliver the performance and reliability your customers expect? Reach out to the ZeeVee support team at (877) 493-3833 or and we’ll walk you through what you need to know to successfully complete the job.