Newsletter: Pro Av Tricks

July/August, 2023

Two Quick Fixes To Get Your Installation Back on Track

By Eric Hollohan, Technical Support Engineer, ZeeVee

This month, Eric Hollohan provides two quick fixes to common AVoIP system installation troubleshooting issues.

Issue #1: The system does not automatically detect encoders and decoders.

During an installation, have you ever found that the ZyPer Management Platform is not detecting any of the systems’ endpoints when you launch the configuration app? If you are working with any of our encoders or decoders with two Ethernet ports, you may be making a simple misstep that happens more often than you’d expect. The two ports serve distinct functions, one for data and one to support utility functions. You want to make sure you are connecting the ethernet cable to the data port. The utility port is reserved for other devices you may want to connect to a network.

When those calling the support line state they are experiencing this problem, this is actually the first thing that I look at because it is so common and potentially easily fixed. Once the customer swaps the connection from the utility to the data port, and things start working right away, I’ll usually hear an audible sigh of relief or some type of a celebratory noise.

Issue #2: How can I find quick answers to my API questions before calling ZeeVee tech support?

The ZyPer Management Platform is made up of APIs that allow you to control the SDVoE and AVoIP system endpoints programmatically. The documentation for our APIs, which is available online, is continuously kept up-to-date (this surprises a lot of our customers as it is not the industry norm). It is a comprehensive and expansive reference for establishing third party control or other API configurations. You can find our complete documentation library here.

You may not be as familiar with another source of information at your disposal. The ZeeVee engineering team built a search engine into the API itself. When connected to the API, you can actually query it to do searches for quick answers to your questions and receive relevant commands for configuring your ZyPer4K or ZyPerUHD-driven AV system. For example, to learn how to create a join, you can search the API by inputting the following command:

“Zyper$ help search string join.”

This built-in mini search engine is a great help to get your questions answered immediately. In fact, we often use it in the technical support department when we are working out solutions for our customers calling for assistance.

Of course, if these issues persist, or you need technical help with any of our products, you are always welcome to contact us either at 877-4ZEEVEE (877-493-3833) or via this link to the technical support page on the ZeeVee website.