Newsletter: Live Wire—May-June 2022

Live Wire: ZeeVee in the News!

AV Magazine
What’s behind the wall?
March 17, 2022

A video wall is any display composed of more than one display panel, from a basic 2×2 in a meeting room to the entire facade of a building or the animated touchline board of a sports stadium.

The display area itself generally uses one of three technologies: LCD, direct view LED or rear projection cubes. Rear projection is bulky, energy-hungry and expensive, and its total demise has been predicted for years. It retains a role, however, in critical environments such as control rooms, where its longevity, very high reliability and lack of ‘burn-in’ (where a static image leaves a permanent stain on the display surface) continue to recommend it. Link to the entire story.

SDVoE Blog
Solve Supply Chain Challenges with AV-over-IP/SDVoE Products
April 7, 2022

Supply chain woes have been plaguing the Pro AV industry for a while now. The SDVoE Alliance recently checked in with its members to get a pulse on the current demand for Pro AV products and the status of lead time for shipping.

Joe Chordas from ZeeVee, summed up the current situation highlighting the challenges precipitated by the global health crisis and the opportunities to adopt an alternate approach to mitigate those challenges. “The pandemic hurt the pro AV industry hard and integrators in particular. While restricted access to job sites is easing, there is a larger issue of supply chain disruptions that have made it more challenging for integrators to meet the needs of their customers.” Link to the entire story.


Electronics Clap

Visibility & Control of AV Devices on a Network is Driving AVoIP
April 16, 2022

It is predicted that the global AVoIP market will grow profoundly between 2021 to 2027. Especially the low-latency AVoIP solutions is witnessing an increase in demand as more and more companies plan including AVoIP into their project. The adoption will majorly come from the corporate and education markets

Electronics Clap spoke to Stephen Metzger, co-founder and VP, hardware and operations, ZeeVee, Inc. to know more about the higher technology adoption and its future. Link to the entire story.


AV Nation
ZeeVee gives us a look at AV over IP ISE 2022

May 17, 2022

Continuing to cover ISE 2022, AVNation’s Tim Albright chats with Rob Muddiman from ZeeVee. Over the last several years ZeeVee has prioritized their management platform to allow for ease of installation as well as capabilities.

ZeeVee has spent ISE allowing users to get to know the technology as well as the benefits of an uncompressed solution. Link to the entire story.