Newsletter: Integrator Profile

October, 2023

Adam Corrie, Technical Engineer, Engage Works

Adam Corrie, Technical Director, Engage Works

Engage Works is a full-service creative agency that combines technology, design and human insights to create showstopping interactive installations. With offices in London and Dubai, the company’s industry-leading technical and creative teams provide a robust end-to-end process ensuring seamless delivery and operational excellence.

Adam Corrie, technical director at Engage Works, is an interdisciplinary creative technologist who has produced interactive, immersive exhibits and installations since 2005. His work has been featured in hundreds of science museums, art galleries and visitor attractions across five continents.

Since joining Engage Works in 2022, Corrie has utilized ZeeVee in a number of projects, each time working with the company to scope out hardware requirements, match them to the needs of each installation and ensure employees have the proper training for deployment. A recently completed project is the Flux Innovation Lounge in London’s Greenwich Design District (pictured below).

ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K and ruggedized ZyPer4K-XR encoders and decoders were installed in Flux, delivering high-resolution content across the lounge’s three key areas – an immersive event space, a broadcasting hub and an XR studio.

Engage Works Flux Innovation Lounge

“We chose ZeeVee for the Flux Innovation Lounge and several of our other projects because of the flexibility and reliability of its products,” said Corrie. “In all our projects, we utilize numerous video sources that are paired with a variety of displays – video walls, projection-mapped environments, wall-mounted touchscreens and more. ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management System also allows us to easily switch between different sources with just the push of a button, even when dealing with UHD content in complex configurations. All of this is accomplished over a high-speed local network without the need to unplug any cables.”

Corrie explains that ZeeVee is naturally suited for spaces that require complex AV or USB distribution, such as exhibits with high-definition displays, video walls and next-generation meeting rooms. He chose ZeeVee based on its experience with control rooms, as the company’s products have been successfully deployed in mission-critical environments.

Engage WorksOver the past few years, Corrie has seen a significant increase in the interest and demand for interactives and digital labels for museums, in addition to corporate innovation centers and marketing suites. As a result, Engage Works is moving away from standalone exhibits and focusing on better integration with content management systems, building control systems, curatorial databases, lighting design, audio design and special effects.