Newsletter: Integrator Profile

September, 2023

Cory Ancar, Crescent Multimedia Solutions

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Founded in 2004, Crescent Multimedia Solutions (CMS) is a leading Louisiana-based commercial AV solutions provider specializing in design, integration and support. Its dedicated team offers customized solutions that help clients captivate, educate and communicate their diverse needs, prioritizing individual requirements over standardized approaches.

Cory Ancar, founder of CMS, brings his wealth of expertise and experience to the forefront of the company's projects and installations. With an acute understanding of the evolving AV landscape, he has guided CMS in many successful projects in the government and education sectors.

Cory Ancar

Cory Ancar, founder of CMS

Recently, CMS was selected to renovate the AV system of Jefferson Parish Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Greater New Orleans. During a crisis, the EOC receives many information feeds and AV content from multiple services including the National Weather Service, Louisiana Department of Transportation and other sources. CMS specified ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K SDVoE encoders and decoders based on their reliability and ability to deliver a 4K video signal with near zero latency – in stock and value-priced.

During installation, the team encountered a minor conflict related to the setup of the network switch. However, Ancar says that ZeeVee swiftly went into action—even though the issue had nothing to do with its own gear—offering prompt assistance to address the issue.

“The cornerstone of our relationship with ZeeVee is our rep, John Costa; he's exceptional. Whenever our technicians encounter a field issue, even though it's not his primary role, he's always available for a call or a text. His swift response and dedication to ensuring our satisfaction far surpasses our experience with other manufacturers. John's commitment and unwavering support makes him an invaluable asset,” said Ancar.

Jefferson Parish video multivewsThanks to the updated system, parish officials can seamlessly incorporate as many as 19 distinct multiview images onto a solitary monitor – eliminating the need for a dedicated signal processor. This fully automated setup enables collaboration among various rooms and personnel in the center, resulting in the faster and more efficient delivery of a wider spectrum of information.

“We extensively utilize AVoIP in our projects, especially in government and higher education sectors, and have found that ZeeVee’s products improve our ability to deliver tailored solutions. The versatility of its products – specifically the ZyPer4K line – has perfectly suited our needs for several recent projects ranging from emergency operations centers to federal installations, local district courthouses and council chambers,” said Ancar.

“AV over IP also offers economic future-proofing advantages compared to legacy solutions. Clients can initially invest in encoders and decoders tailored to their current needs, while assuring them of scalability for the future.”

Over the past few years, Ancar has seen a significant rise in the adoption of SDVoE and AVoIP solutions in the higher education sector. Universities and other institutions which were previously constrained by funding, are now receiving renewed financial support due to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact. Ancar expects the government sector to follow closely, with more AVoIP-based installations in the next five-to-10 years.