Newsletter: Integrator Profile

September, 2022

Chuck Flournoy, MCA Communications

This section of our newsletter features integrators and their standout projects using ZeeVee. If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming edition of our newsletter, please contact us at

Since before the days of the internet and cell phones, MCA Communications (MCA), founded in 1983 and headquartered in Houston, has been providing communication technology solutions for some of the largest corporations in the world. It has rapidly grown to be a recognized leader in the technology integration industry specializing in new construction commercial projects.

The company has earned a reputation for its employees’ exceptional quality of work, attention to detail and customer service. Among these employees is Chuck Flournoy, director of information technology.

Chuck recently worked with ZeeVee on an impromptu video wall project for the lobby of Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School in Houston. Due to a series of events that delayed the order of interactive screens, the pre- K-12 school purchased several commercial displays for temporary use in its classrooms. Later, when the interactive displays finally arrived, school administrators wanted to find a way to repurpose the temporary displays, calling in MCA for help.

MCA proposed building a video wall in the lobby of the school. Once approved, Chuck recommended the deployment of ZeeVee ZyPerUHD encoders and decoders, which enable users to create a video wall of up to 225 screens in a 15x15 configuration. Once the products were installed, it only took a few minutes to get the system up and running. Today, the video wall lights up with a welcoming message to the school’s students, staff and guests.

“At MCA Communications, we value partners who help our customers achieve their goals. ZeeVee is a company that we have trusted – and will continue to trust – with projects going forward. It constantly provides the best advice and services that beat our expectations,” said Chuck.

Other projects in which Chuck and his team used ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K encoders include impressive display systems for geology labs at higher education facilities – an application where precision is paramount. With the help of MCA and ZeeVee, students and staff are now able to take measurements and make critical evaluations straight from the screen.

“ZeeVee is a partner you can count on. Its employees are truly experts in their field and are willing to help us tackle any problem we have,” said Chuck. “They tell us if their products don’t match our project’s requirements – and won’t sacrifice our best interests for the sake of a sale. It’s that level of integrity which always makes them the right first call.”

Over the past few years, the adoption of the SDVoE AVoIP signal distribution solutions has become more significant among MCA’s customer base. SDVoE is a common standard that allows multiple manufacturers’ devices to have common interchangeable feature sets – something practically unheard of in an industry whose major players traditionally force customers to operate in a very closed ecosystem.

In the next five years, Chuck expects an increased demand for ways to manage and distribute AV. “If you start with the premise that ethernet is undefeated as a transport mechanism and add in the concept of Power over Ethernet (POE), then you quickly realize that AV over IP is unquestionably the way forward,” he said. “It makes the creation and installation of large displays, direct view LED and other formats much more accessible in retail, education, corporate and many other settings – at a cheaper price point, too.”