Newsletter: Integrator Profile

January, 2023

Jim Knott, True Group

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True Group is an Illinois-based integrator and full-service IT shop focused on delivering transformative solutions for small, mid-sized and large-scale enterprises. Its employees take pride in providing exceptional value to clients by listening, partnering and helping them through every stage of the installation process – from ideation and strategy to product training and change management.

Senior Vice President of Technology Jim Knott joined the company in 2012. He oversees True’s Technology portfolio as well as innovation. He has more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector and a proven track record of delivering top-notch, business-focused solutions while optimizing clients’ IT investments.

Knott explains that when the company expanded its headquarters in Oak Brook, 20-miles west of Chicago, it needed state-of-the-art AV technology that could keep up with its complex demands. The company picked ZeeVee’s ZyPerUHD encoders and decoders for their ease of use and ability to distribute high-quality video throughout the entire building, making it easier for collaboration amongst employees.

“We researched many different companies for our own AV system and always kept coming back to ZeeVee. When we did a small pilot with the ZeeVee products, we found them incredibly easy to use and they did exactly what we wanted them to do,” said Knott. “Also, the support we get from ZeeVee is honestly quite amazing. When we have a question, we send an email and typically get a response within minutes. It’s some of the best support in the industry today.”

One of Knott’s favorite client projects – which cannot be named quite yet – is an innovation and technology conference center on the side of a hill overlooking Phoenix, Arizona. When Knott learned that the facility wanted to distribute video throughout the facility as well as in certain meeting areas, ZeeVee was the first name that came to mind. In the coming months, the facility will be outfitted with several of ZeeVee’s ZyPerUHD encoders and decoders.

In the next five to 10 years, Knott expects integrators, specifically True Group, to grow out their innovation capabilities – and sees ZeeVee as a critical part of that movement. He says that using ZeeVee in their own facility allowed employees to collaborate with each other while scattered throughout the building and maintaining safe social distancing. As a result, their workflow continued running smoothly.

Knott sees a large opportunity for the adoption of AV over IP signal distribution solutions among his customer base. In the past year, he has begun dedicating more time towards working with ZeeVee and other partners to promote the technology’s benefits and use cases among current and potential clients.

“I really am a fan of what ZeeVee is doing. I like where they’re taking their product lines and I like everything they’re doing to promote AV over IP. I think there’s a huge need for it in the marketplace, and ZeeVee is helping integrators show clients the value around it. It’s the winning formula to help the industry grow.”