Newsletter: Industry Buzz

November/December, 2023

Here is a sampling of AV Industry stories that caught our eye:

Sound & Video Contractor
You can now watch U2’s debut performance at the Sphere online
October 10, 2023

The Sphere at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas opened up with a bombastic performance by U2. While those of us that weren’t in attendance were able to live vicariously through videos posted online, it looks like now anyone can enjoy the show, as the entire performance has been made available to view online. Watch the video above to see the Sphere’s 160,000 square foot, 16K LED screen be utilized to mesmerize the audience. Link to the entire story.

rAVe Pubs
Conquering the Basics

November 1, 2023

When I was in junior high, our baseball coach constantly impressed upon us the importance of conquering the basics, or the fundamentals of the sport. The reason was that consistently and successfully executing the basics on the field is what wins games. Here’s what he had to say about showboating or trying to be fancy, whether at the plate or while playing your position:

“Don’t try to be Candy Maldonado. You are NOT Candy Maldonado. Conquer the fundamentals, and do them right every time, and then one day maybe you can mess around and try to develop a fancy style. Not today, though.”

He was trying to teach us that you first need to be great at the basics, because that’s what really matters. So, before I stretch this analogy out of shape let’s apply it to your sales team. Link to the entire story.

Commercial Integrator
Digital Signage: An Opportunity, and a Challenge, for Integrators

November 1, 2023

Our industry has bandied the term “digital signage” about for a couple decades now, but this technology seems to be a hotter topic today than ever before. With the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview mirror, AV professionals are back to leaning into immersive, experiential technology integration. Commercial Integrator’s annual Digital Signage Deep Dive report, we will examine all facets of the digital-signage market. These include how it fits into integration businesses’ overall portfolio, key revenue and margin trends, inhibiting factors, vertical-market bright spots and weak spots, leading technologies, and the importance of managed services and content creation. Link to the entire story.