Newsletter: Industry Buzz—July-August 2022

rAVe Pubs
Trade Show Season Is a Time to Support Diversity

June 24, 2022 rAVe [PUBS] and many other industry publications have written recently about the great work of the AVIXA Women’s Council and its partnership with Rosie Riveters. Since this has been written about in many places, I won’t rewrite everything here. There are a few points I would like to make, however. First, it is fantastic to see action towards a goal. One of the things the AVIXA Women’s Council has implemented with this partnership is a GoFundMe page to raise money for Rosie Riveters. Their initial goal of $5,000 was blown away by Bradford Benn of Advisist who donated that entire amount. In a tweet Benn wrote that rather than purchase and give out swag at InfoComm, his company would instead donate that amount to this cause. What an incredible move! As of the writing of this blog the amount raised is now up to $15,935 with several significant gifts from well-known members of our amazing AV community. Link to the entire story.

Systems Contractor News
Designing Collaboration Spaces with Great Style and Outstanding Sound 

The technology-upgrade wave which is sweeping the corporate world will unite the millions of workers who are choosing, or being offered the choice, to work remotely from their colleagues.

Enhancements and innovations in technology, including the proliferation of high-speed internet in the home, AV over IP in the office, and enhancements in video quality AND collaboration tools, have all been pushed forward by the so called COVID-accelerant.

But as these innovations reach rooms large and small, integrators, consultants and architects are missing a massive opportunity to incorporate great design in these spaces. Link to the entire story.