Newsletter: Industry Buzz

July/August, 2023

Here is a sampling of AV Industry stories that caught our eye:

rAVe Pubs

Reduced Power Consumption is a Win for Sustainability and Finance

June 22, 2023

Sustainability has been a hot topic in the AV world over the past few years. Many manufacturers have expanded and touted their sustainability efforts, and customers are pushing for sustainable options. The sustainability of companies involves everything from their policies and practices at their headquarters and offices to the products they sell and end up in our installs. If you have not done anything to reduce power consumption over the past years because the cost did not seem to make it worthwhile, the increased electrical supply costs may give you the chance to rethink. Link to the entire story.

AV Magazine

The 1,500 drone dragon that danced in the Shenzhen sky

June 26, 2023

Around 1,500 drones lit up the night sky over the Chinese city of Shenzhen on 22 June with imagery of a flying dragon to mark the start of the country’s Dragon Boat Festival.

The festival, which occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, is a commemoration of the ancient poet Qu Yuan and it is typically celebrated by holding dragon boat races and eating sticky rice dumplings. Link to the entire story.

Commercial Integrator

Developing A “New” Workplace Where Employees Want To Work

July 10, 2023

It’s no secret that getting employees back to the office has been wrought with difficulties. People have spent years acclimating to remote work and the benefits of working from home. With benefits like flexible hours, choice over location and postures, privacy and no commute, why would anyone want to return to the status quo of pre-pandemic life? Leaders, however, see things differently and have begun to mandate employees to return to the office either in part or full-time with very little leniency. The response has been, at best, employees dragging their feet, and at worst, the loss of some of their best talent. Many ask themselves: how do we make the office a magnet rather than a mandate? Link to the entire story.