Newsletter: Employee Spotlight

December, 2022

Rocco Pucci, Sales Director, DACH

Rocco Pucci, sales director, DACH, is one of the newest pro AV experts to join the ZeeVee Europe team. Since his start in May 2022, Rocco has focused on managing and increasing our market share in the region, particularly in the higher education, enterprise and retail sectors.

“It’s my belief that colleagues who help and trust each other are the basis for a successful company – and I’ve found this to be especially true at ZeeVee,” said Rocco. “When I need help with a specific task or project, I know I can turn to any one of my co-workers for support and trust that they will help me to the best of their ability. If that’s not great teamwork, I don’t know what is.”

Rocco finds he’s most proud of the strong relationships he’s built and maintained with his colleagues and clients. In fact, he says, some of them have even become his close friends.

Reflecting on his more than 20 years’ experience in the pro AV industry, Rocco describes its early days as having a sort of “youthfulness” to them, as many companies were startups and there was a lack of standardization among products. Fast forward to today and Rocco describes the industry as more sophisticated and complex with companies constantly trying to out-do each other with the latest product or next “world’s largest” project. However, he occasionally still sees a nice mix of youthfulness and seriousness among his colleagues, which he finds exciting.

Rocco lives just outside of Heidelberg, Germany, with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he enjoys training in the art of traditional karate.