Newsletter: Employee Spotlight

November/December, 2023

Jerrell Harris, technical support engineer


As an AV product manufacturer, ZeeVee collaborates with integrators on a daily basis to ensure they receive the necessary support and resources that help bring their vision to life. Transitioning from his previous role as an integrator, Jerrell Harris joined ZeeVee in September 2023 as a technical support engineer where he focuses on troubleshooting customer issues and contributing to the company's commitment to efficient collaboration and support for integrators.

“What I enjoy most about ZeeVee so far is the team’s strong sense of camaraderie. When I encounter an issue, I appreciate that I can go to anyone in the company and they’re more than willing to help me,” said Jerrell. “I'm also impressed by the team's collective passion for the company and the industry.”

Prior to joining ZeeVee, Jerrell worked for Design and Production, the Virginia-based builder of museum-quality exhibit services specializing in AV services for museums, educational institutions, visitor centers and corporate offices. He originally joined as a lighting technician, but after helping the AV team with a project at the International African American Museum, he discovered his new passion for AV. During his seven-year tenure at the company, he helped open 40 Capital One Cafés and was instrumental in deploying systems at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and Smith Law Enforcement Museum, among others.

“One of the most significant advantages that ZeeVee has over other brands is the highly interactive nature of its web graphic user interface (GUI). The design and responsiveness of ZeeVee’s GUI are features that are extremely user-friendly. Anyone, regardless of their level of expertise in AV technology, can use the system with ease,” said Jerrell.

Jerrell believes that over the next five to 10 years, the AV industry will significantly transition from traditional RF systems to AV over IP solutions. He says that AVoIP technology is being pushed heavily by integrators due to the fact that RF solutions, while simpler, are less efficient and not as user-friendly.

He lives in Bowie, Maryland, a 45-minute drive from Washington, D.C. In his free time, he enjoys watching football (he’s a big Commanders fan) and fishing. Jerrell is a former Marine and makes a consistent effort to stay connected with his fellow service members.