Newsletter: Employee Spotlight

October-November, 2022

Antony Torres, Technical Support Engineer 

Antony (Tony) Torres is a technical support engineer and one of the newest industry experts joining the ZeeVee team. Tony joined in September 2022 and is responsible for troubleshooting customer challenges. He’s often found in the ZeeVee lab, a space where he is able to emulate customers’ AV systems to better understand their issues and more quickly work to find a solution.

“I worked with ZeeVee for about seven years while I was an integrator at D&P, the Lorton, Virginia-based design and production firm specializing in museum-quality exhibit services for clients. That’s where I constantly managed projects using ZeeVee’s products. It was during that time that I learned how much the company prioritizes end-users’ interests,” said Tony. “It doesn’t matter if a customer bought six or 200 units, they always received the highest level of care and resources from the company – a stark contrast to some of its largest competitors.”

One of Tony’s greatest career achievements was when he helped D&P upgrade the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C. A big challenge during the installation of 10 72-inch touch screens was eliminating “ghost touches” (occurrences where the screen moves or starts tapping buttons on its own). With the help of an infrared (IR) camera, Tony concluded the ghost touches were caused by the screens bouncing IR light onto each other. His quick fix was to adjust the positioning of every other screen.

“What I love about the pro AV industry is that it’s constantly changing. Customers are always looking to one-up each other, so there’s a non-stop drive for manufacturers to improve and reinvent their products and solutions,” said Tony. “They all want something different, and that comes with unique challenges. As an engineer, it’s been fantastic working through these challenges in order to find the perfect solution.”

Tony, his partner, Stacey, his two children and three stepchildren currently live in Elizabeth City, North Carolina (with plans to move soon to Yorktown or Williamsburg, Virginia). As a self-proclaimed “hike-a-holic,” Tony loves balancing out his workdays on a trail. He also enjoys spending time driving, disassembling and reassembling his dream car – a Pontiac Trans Am.