Newsletter: Employee Spotlight

March, 2023

Furkan Dere, operations manager, ZeeVee Europe 

From order confirmation to shipment to delivery, there’s a lot of work that goes into making sure you receive your products on time (or maybe even a few days early) and in pristine condition.  Luckily, ZeeVee Europe has Furkan Dere, operations manager, who’s up for the task. Furkan joined the company in July 2022 and is responsible for the planning and management of operations, warehousing and logistics for ZeeVee Europe. He’s also the point-of-contact for customers who have questions about invoices, delivery bills and similar matters.

“The combination of professional diversity and a supportive management team is what makes ZeeVee special,” said Furkan. “Senior management values the unique opinions and ideas that each member of our team brings to the company, which translates into ZeeVee creating products and offering services that work seamlessly for a wider range of customers and applications.”

Furkan is proud of how he’s been able to apply skills picked up from his previous work experience to his current position at ZeeVee. For example, he previously trained as an office management assistant in Ceconomy, the German international retail firm, where he quickly worked his way into a management position. He’s now applying that know-how into managing logistics and operations for ZeeVee Europe.

“ZeeVee’s products are unique because they’re designed to industry standards and are interoperable with other AV devices and IT systems. They can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures without the need for extensive upgrades or replacements. Overall, ZeeVee’s AVoIP technology provides a reliable, scalable and flexible solution for a wide range of AV applications, tailored to the needs of enterprises and organizations of all kinds,” said Furkan.

Furkan became interested in the pro AV industry because of its constant development and integration of advanced technology into a widening range of markets such as government, retail, healthcare, education and entertainment. In the next five to 10 years, he expects to see more demand for AV solutions driven by the growth of remote work, virtual events and collaboration tools. He also hopes to see more sustainable and energy-efficient product offerings as well as the continued development of next-generation solutions for education and healthcare facilities.

Outside of work, you may find Furkan snorkeling, swimming, horseback riding or playing chess. Born in Schwabmünchen, Germany, he and his wife live in Augsburg – a short 10 minutes from the ZeeVee Europe warehouse. He is also an avid traveler who enjoys visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures.